Vector8 Journals

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Being the One - A Metaphor

I believe there is only the One principle, power, love appearing as the seen and unseen. The One is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Let's imagine that it is a jigsaw of a farm with all animals. Every piece is necessary in order for the puzzle to be complete.

Now, the writer called Enocia is the equivalent of a jigsaw piece. For argument's sake, I am a cat. As a cat I am infinite catness and perfectly playing my part in the animal farm jigsaw on the one hand; and on the other hand, I am the whole jigsaw puzzle. Thus every being, great or small, is the One with his or her own unique vantage point of being the One.

Though the One appears in many forms, it is always formless. How can this be? Surely I appear to have a body with arms and legs and exist in time and space. That's not how I see reality. I see everything, seen and unseen as me. Let's say I have a headache. I only have a pain because I am identifying myself as a form in time and space. What if I was to realise that I have infinite bodies? With so many heads, which one exactly is aching? Can the One appearing as the many be a form? Of course not, unless you want to look like a being with many arms and legs like the Buddhist deity, Avalokitesvara, who is usually portayed with a thousand arms. But the One can project an holographic idea of itself to appear as a human, animal, bird, a house, a mountain etc. Just because the One can appear as forms doesn't mean the forms are actual forms. They are formless. This is why, for me, reality is formless. What is appearing as forms are mere dreams and shadows of the One that I Am.

There is only the Formless One and it is me, you, everyone.

Love and Light,