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Monday, April 25, 2005

How to Avoid a Divided Mind

"I am the totality of all that God is, now and forever more. And the universe reflects back to us that which we are, and we see only shining perfection in every activity of life wherever we are, wherever we go." (The Jesus Code, John Randolph Price)
"There is nothing but Unity; there is nothing but Freedom; there is nothing but Completeness; there is nothing but Totality." (The Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes)
There is only One having life. My identity is the totality of all there is which is One. This means there is no other but the One. The One has no opposition, thus, there is only One Power, One Love, and One Truth.

"One love! one heart!
Let’s get together and feel all right." One Love, Bob Marley
In mathematics we say 2+2=4. But once you understand Oneness, i.e. the One being the One, you realise that 2+2=4 is false. The answer is always 1. To put it another way, it doesn't matter whether the world population increases to 10 billion or diminishes to 1 million, there is always only the One having life. Only One exists.

To live as the One it is important for me to see everyone or thing as self. There are various ways the world of forms tries to distract me. Let's say I read something and I immediately find myself resisting the idea. Resisting gives the impression that the idea is separate from self, which is false.

How do I avoid having or dreaming up a divided mind?

I practise staying in stillness when I get to experience my identity as the formless One.

I create rapport with others by focusing on our commonalities. Disagreeing with another implies there is someone else apart from me.

If someone is opposing me, I do not resist; this way I don't dream up a separate mind. So if someone accuses me of doing such and such and I know I haven't, I don't defend myself; I either say nothing or agree to disagree.

I never defend my position or truth, which is another strategy the ego devises to create a divided mind.

I don't judge anything or anyone; judging another suggests there is someone else apart from me to judge. I remember that when I judge others I am judging myself.

No matter what the appearances, right where I am is the only One undivided Source.

I am Source,