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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Is There Such a Thing as Like-Minds?

"But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away." (1 Corinthians 13: 10)
I received an email recently from a friend at another forum where I used to post. She wanted to know why I didn't post there anymore and if anyone had said anything to upset me. I responded that I like to explore other websites and don't have much time to be everywhere at the same time.

My friend's enquiry had presented an opportunity to examine what it means to look for like-minded people to share ideas with. Is there such a thing or is it another illusion?

Later, I discussed with my mother the notion of not having enough time to humanly be at different forums at the same time. Now, my mother has never used the Internet and only knows what I tell her. She said "I thought there was only one Internet!" Exactly! My mother had hit the nail right on the head. There is only ONE Internet.

Let's take the Internet as a metaphor for the One Source. Humans have split the Internet into many different websites. Some websites claim to be different from others; while there are many who acknowledge their commonalities and exchange and share information. But there is only One Internet, therefore, it is the same Intelligence that is appearing in form as the other websites. If you surf the web you will notice that people are usually preoccupied with the same topic whether they are in agreement or in disagreement.

There are zillions of other forums and websites I have not logged into yet I, as Source, am ever present. From time to time, I might choose to register at a particular forum to experience that reality. I may contribute/post or read in silence. Just because I decide to move on or haven't posted for a while doesn't mean I, as Source, am not still present.

This idea of the Internet as Source can be extended to the human experience. Source is formless but can take on forms in order to experience a particular reality. Each of us was born into a family for a purpose. I believe each of us as Source was/is very much aware of what the combination of experiences would produce in that family i.e. the culture you're born into, your gender, sexuality, class and even the country that you live in. Some people emigrate to different countries to suit their purpose. Being in a human form is the equivalent of registering at a particular forum; and when you are no longer in the human form, you are still present but as an invisible guest. As humans, each of us plays a dual role: we are both registered members of family and friends; and we are invisible guests in other human lives. In other words, while everyone is my friend and family, I can only appear as a visible and registered friend and family member of very few humans.

Back to discussion forums, I have found some forums discuss different topics, or so it would seem. When I write a piece I sometimes think about what topic it should be filed under and invariably decide it is spiritual. Everything, in my opinion, is spiritual as there is only One Spirit. I leave it to readers to decide how they wish to compartmentalise my work.

My purpose is to have variable experiences of the One knowing full well that each forum or website is the One in disguise. In whatever capacity I am present, I judge no one because in judging another I am judging myself.

As for being attracted to a website or group because they are of like-minds, I believe this is another illusion. To be of like-mind with someone is to split oneself from another group. All is One. If there is such a thing as like-minds then I am of like-mind with everyone.

No matter what the topic, forum or website, I am always present. I don't have to be physically present. Granted I spend more time in some websites than others simply because of intent. As soon as my intent changes my status reverts to an invisible guest.

I see no parts, no compartments, no divisions, only the One Source. I see only the One Internet.

Never fear, I am always here.

I am Source,

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