Vector8 Journals

Friday, April 22, 2005

Like Attracts Like

Earlier today I was pondering over my identity as Source. Everything is Source, therefore, I am Source. On a bus journey I noticed a van with the company name, Source. Heh heh!

This raises the question about "like attracting like." When I pondered over "I am Source," I wonder if the Universe responded by saying: "Jump to it everyone, you heard the lady. Get Source. I said SOURCE, you idiot, not sauce! Let's give it to her any which way." And I received exactly what I had thought of.

Let's say my intention is to be in radiant health and I'm busy thinking or affirming "I am Health." Knowing the Universe, He is bound to reflect health back to me by people around me speaking about health, someone might email me an article with the word "health" or I'll see "health" words everywhere while still feeling unhealthy. This has happened to me lots of times. Once I tried an experiment and thought of the word f**k! Within seconds I heard the word bouncing back and forth around me. That was hilarious!

One must, therefore, be very specific about what one wishes to experience in life as the Universe can be annoyingly literal and never asks for clarification.

The Universe gives you exactly what you believe you are or have.

Light and Love,