Vector8 Journals

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My One True Love

"When we stand one with the sum of all intelligence, and recognise ourselves as an actual part of that intelligence, and know conclusively that this is the great principle, God, we shall soon find ourselves conscious of the fact that all intelligence throughout the whole cosmic universe is working with us. We also realise quickly that the intelligence of all great genius, as well as the little mentality of the single cell of the body, is working with us in perfect harmony and accord. This is the One Great Intelligent Cosmic Mind that we are positively allied with. Indeed we are that very mind; we are the self-consciousness of the universe. The instant we feel this very thing nothing can keep us from our Godhead." Baird T Spalding
People are constantly looking for the "one" to share their lives with and "grow old with," not that I believe in growing old. You meet someone for the first time and you think "Is she or he the one?" As I believe only One exists as what is appearing as the many, it would seem that people are not searching for the One but wanting to know and be the One. In the human realm, however, this search is translated to a romantic love relationship.

The search is over for me. I have found my own true love - the One.

The One is the sum total of all that is. The One is like being the completed jigsaw puzzle knowing each part matters.

There are no divisions in the One.
There is nothing to oppose the one.

You are outside and there is a sudden gust of wind, do you curse the wind? I used to as I liked everything calm. Now I recognise the wind as me. I see the rain as me, the sun as me, nature as me, people as me, animals as me, everything as me.

You get a twinge of pain, do you immediately want it to go away? I used to as I want to be pain free. How long have I spent wanting to change parts of me instead of accepting what I am being? How long have I spent seeing my body in parts, loving certain parts and resenting other parts? What if my body is seeking approval or even acceptance? I now see my body as me.

You meet someone you can't relate to, or you don't like how someone appears, do you reject that person in thought? I used to. But since there is only the One, rejecting another is dreaming up a reality that there is another apart from the One. I now accept everyone as me.

The One, the All There Is, is my one true love. She supports all my endeavours. She never judges me and is accepting of all that I am. What other love is there?

The search is over. I have found my one true love and it is the One appearing as the many.

The search is over. I have found my one true love and it is me.

All my Love,