Vector8 Journals

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

No Matter What Version, Truth is Truth

As I was waiting for the bus this morning I heard someone playing the song Walk on By which I love. This one didn't sound like the original version by Dionne Warwick; no doubt, a cover version. It was still very good and close to the original Warwick version.

This made me think about Truth. From time to time, various people express Truth as they see it. Expressing Truth is the equivalent of producing a cover version of a song. Some covers are very close to the original, only the artist is different; while with other versions there are so many twists and turns you hardly recognise the song. I guess cover versions keeps songs alive, introduce songs to a new audience which brings new meaning. Most of all it is an opportunity for the record industry to make more money. However, the lyrics generally stay the same.

Truth is eternal and unchanging. No matter what cover version appears the essence of Truth remains the same.

Truth is Truth.

I am Truth,