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Monday, April 04, 2005

On Channelling

Two days ago, I met a guy on the bus. The experience inspired me to write an article the next day called Personal Power is Relinquishing all Responsibility. Later while I was in town, an ice cream van was brought to my attention. Did I fancy one? No. I let it pass. I decided to buy a sandwich. I noticed a tub of Banoffee pie and was very tempted but I didn't fancy it. After I had paid for my sandwich, I found two 5 pence pieces on the floor. They reminded me of my friend who I tease about finding pennies. I call him the 5p millionnaire.

This morning when I checked my email, there was one from the same friend. He had read yesterday's article which I had forwarded to him. He wrote:

"So... busy being a man magnet again huh? Doesn’t surprise me... warmth, charm, brains and sex appeal, you're going to have men buzzing round you like flies to... ice cream."
Aha! That's why I was drawn to the ice cream van. I had been channelling my friend's email.

The popular idea of channelling is someone who makes himself available so that he can channel truth, spiritual teachings or ideas. Someone goes into a trance and channels lots of nice ideas from entities known or unknown and you get excited about this. The truth is we are channelling each other all the time, we just call them by different names.

I believe Source has given us an easy way to experience life. I mean, who has the time to experience everything? But there is a way one can live vicariously through another. This process is what I call channelling. Do you ever wonder why televisions have channels? Each channel gives the viewer the opportunity to experience different realities.

You want to engage in some titillation and have no one to play with? Watch an erotic channel.

You want to experience how people get on (or not) when a camera is pointed at them? Watch a reality TV show.

You want to be told how to live your life? Watch a religious channel.

You want to listen to modern fairytales? Watch the news. Only kidding...or am I?

Etc etc.

I believe there are many types of channelling. Here are a few examples.

When I have thoughts and words and read the identical words in someone's email, a book or a website, it is usually referred to as telepathy. I call it channelling.

When I have insights about events to come, it is usually referred to as clairvoyance. I call it channelling.

When I feel another's pain as my own, it is usually referred to as empathy. I call it channelling.

When I am in total harmony or oneness with another, it is usually referred to as love or rapport. I call it channelling.

When another's experience has such a huge impact that I apply that truth to my life, it is referred to as inspiration. I call it channelling.

When I am communing with All There Is, it is usually referred to as meditation or being in inner silence. I call it channelling.

The list is endless.

I love humour. When I fancy having a laugh I either channel humour direct from Source and receive funny ideas, or I channel people around me. Last night while waiting for a bus, a boy bumped into me. "Look where you're going!" his mother shouted at him as her handbag bashed my arm. Don't mind me! Haha!

Earlier today on the bus, a man got on with his two young children. The bus driver drove off before they could sit down. Their father was furious. He confronted the driver, accusing him of not caring about his passengers. He said his kids could have been injured. It never occurred to the man that speaking to the driver while he's driving is encouraging him to put his passengers at risk. The man said he didn't like the driver's attitude and wanted to have a fight. Here you have a man who loves his kids so much he will get into a fight to protect them. This is classic humour; and you won't find it on any comedy sketch. For me, there's nothing funnier than human contradictions, mine included. Hehe!

I sometimes watch shopping channels. I'm amazed how many different exercise gadgets there are. I've noticed an exercise machine called Vector! No kidding! I get knackered watching men and women flex their muscles. Here's an idea. If you want the physique of a body builder and can't be bothered to do the workout, why not channel the physique? Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former actor and current mayor of California, has a wonderful physique. Why not channel his physique and watch your body transform into the body you've always dreamed of? Who knows, you might end up starring in the movie Terminator 4. If you prefer to kill yourself at the gym, at least channelling will inspire you to attend the gym more often instead of wasting your membership fee.

After I came from the Internet cafe yesterday, I felt some tightness around my thighs, as if I'd been working out. I instantly channelled radiant health back knowing that Health was my legs. I forgot about it and I was back to normal.

I am only beginning to realise the infinite potential of channelling. It makes life so much easier. You can channel attributes you wish to express like joy, peace, love, or aspects of people you admire. Maybe I should channel Bill Gates' bank account without the hard work or hassle. Hahaha!

I have observed that while there are various types of channelling, people use two methods: conscious and unconscious channelling. Most people channel at an unconscious level. When you have a thought about something or wish to experience something and you get ideas, this is channelling at an unconscious level. To channel at a conscious level is to feel your body or personality as the conduit for whatever you want to experience. When I consciously channel, I see whatever I wish to experience as light pouring through my crown chakra. That's all there is to it.

I believe there is an ultimate purpose for channelling. I'll let part of a dear friend's email explain:

"One time in prayer I asked the Father. "What is heaven like?" An answer came, "My heaven is being with you." That just knocked my socks off, so to speak! God enjoys being all of us just as we are and as we are all together. Not so easy to get our finite minds around that!"
What better way for Source to experience Self than channelling all of life's infinite expressions?

Everyone should channel. It's a shortcut to experience life in its many forms; it makes life a lot simpler; and it's a lot of fun.

Channelling Love and Light,

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