Vector8 Journals

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Oneness is not Sameness

If there is only the One having life as all, does this mean we're all going to end up looking the same and having the same experience. God forbid!

Take fashion as a perfect example. The moment there is a new fad, people rush off to the shops and get similar outfits. In terms of what I wear, I probably look like a lot of people but I know that I am not the same.

I believe everyone is me and we therefore all share the desire to be happy, have peace of mind, have fulfilment and free to express our joy. But to have all aspects of myself do the same stuff, now that to me is pointless. I believe it's fun meeting another part of me who expresses their joy in her own unique way, just like I write in my own style.

Oneness is a demonstration that there is only One consciousness which creates harmony in all relationships; and it is a demonstration that the universe is always supporting you whatever you do, as the universe is you.

But sameness? Ugh! That to me is torture.

I am One in all but same in all I am not.

Love and Light,