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Friday, April 08, 2005

Only One Exists - 2

It seems to me that we've been given two choices. You can either go off and explore the infinite aspects of your being which could take forever. Or you could choose to explore the infinite aspects of all there is. To put it another way, you can either explore your individuality as Source appearing as whoever you are in form, or you could explore the totality of Source that is in all. If you opt for the latter you are the One appearing as all forms in manifestation as well as the infinite unmanifest.

It was a conflict within me when my individual self was fearful of losing herself and her experiences. Little did I know that to lose was to gain. When one submits to the greater whole that is the One, one gets to demonstrate the power and glory of the One

There is only the One appearing as the many. On one level, we appear to come in different shapes and sizes. Some of us appear to have nothing in common. But is this true? What if you were to see your face on everyone you come across such as the tramp on the park bench, the politician you can't trust, the doctor, the lawyer, the baby in the push chair, the disabled woman in the wheel chair, the old lady, everyone? Would you still treat people differently or would you have compassion because they look like you?

Yesterday, as I waited at the bus stop, it started to rain. I have to confess that, at the human level, I don't much care for rain. But this rain was different; it was me. The drops of water looked like sparkles of diamond. I watched entranced for a few moments, loving myself as rain. Then I fancied experiencing myself as warmth. The bus soon arrived. It was lovely and warm inside.

On the way into town, I pondered over the notion of being alone. Surely this is another illusion? When I think about it from a standpoint of "only one exists," everyone, thing and place is me. How can I be alone when I always have me to keep me company? Granted, I might not always engage in conversations with all of me, but I am always communing in silence with all of me's.

Sitting right beside me was another me passing off as an old lady. She reached out to press the bell but I pressed it for her. She told me she was so glad to be going home as she'd been out all day and was pretty tired. I patted her arm and said she should go home, put her feet up and have a nice cup of tea. In the UK, a cup of tea is always the solution to any problem you've dreamed up. Hahaha! The lady said she was all alone and had no one to talk to. I patted her hand and, in thought, I embraced her and assured her she was never alone. I wished her well as she got off the bus.

As the journey continued, another me, a woman, sat beside me. At one point the bus was caught in a traffic. I noticed another me, a man, heading for the corner of a building. I was curious to see what he/me was up to and realised he/me was having a pee, even though there were lots of people walking by. I chuckled to myself. I told the me beside me on the bus what I had just observed. She said she listened to a radio programme the day before where they discussed the drop in standards. People don't care about their environment and they drop litter, have a pee, and spit with no regard for other people. She said it was disgusting. As the bus drove by she also pointed out the new type of marketing where people line Oxford Street with placards advertising certain businesses. We also talked about people who give out flyers. She said she sometimes feels she has to accept them even though she's not interested in the product. I told her I'd written an article about this called Aggressive Marketing. We had a good laugh about marketing in Oxford Street. Then I said goodbye to this me.

Next, I headed off to a bookshop. I spoke to a me, passing off as a man from Spain. He said reading business books helps him to practise his English which he said has gone down the plughole since he's been working in engineering. His colleagues swear all the time, which hasn't improved his English. (Chuckle). He told me a story about sharing something he'd written with a primary school teacher. She told him his English was up to primary standard. We had a good laugh about that. I assured him his English was way above primary level, at least a lot higher than my knowledge of Spanish. Hehe!

I picked up a book which I found interesting and decided to make some notes. In the meantime, another me, a man, was sitting beside me speaking on his mobile phone. I heard him say he was in the library. When he'd finished his conversation I pointed out to him that he was in fact in a bookshop, not in a library. We had a good laugh about this particular bookshop which is so relaxed you could easily be in a library. We also discussed our mutual interests in spirituality.

I could go on and on about the many people I meet who appear to be so different from me and how we seem to have nothing in common. Yet when we always seem to find a commonality because...they are me. As there is only me,

I always have something to say to myself.

I always get on very well with myself.

I always have time for myself.

If there is only One that is me, does this mean everyone has identical experiences? Yes and no. On one level, a cat is not a dog nor a sheep or a rabbit. However, a cat is a dog is a sheep is a rabbit is me, you, this computer, everything. This is the joy of being the One.

Being the One is being the unlimited Self.

I am the One appearing as the many,

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