Vector8 Journals

Monday, April 18, 2005

Remember My Name

I'm travelling on a bus. On one level, I see passengers, houses, streets, people etc.

Am I seeing things as they are? Let me try again.

I am travelling on a bus but....

There is no bus,
There is no driver,
There are no passengers,
There are no streets,
There are no houses and buildings,
There are no trees and fauna,
There are no animals,
There are no people,
There is no town, city or country,
There is no earth,
There is no solar system,
There is no universe,
There is no me,
There is no thing.

And yet I feel myself moving.

Who is it that is moving?
Where am I?
Who am I?

It is "I" the only "I"
I am Intelligence
I am Power
I am Being

I am travelling on a bus, but though I appear to be in a human form, I am the one "I." As a matter of fact, though it seems as if I am moving in a bus,I am completely still.

I am "I".

Remember my name.
Remember my name.

When you speak and write and use my name, remember it is "I" speaking. Only "I".

I am "I",