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Monday, April 18, 2005

Show Me the Evidence!

In a previous article, What is the Purpose of Memory?, I wrote that memory is either a record of human beliefs or memory is "an opportunity to acknowledge Infinite Intelligence at work through all expressions." As I see it, memory is evidence that Infinite Intelligence is the only power and only real.

What does it mean that "Infinite Intelligence is the only power and only real? For me it is realising that there is only Infinite Intelligence/Spirit in all no matter what the appearance or form. Even though I might appear to have flesh and bone, I am pure Spirit. There is nothing but Spirit.

I reject all ideas that I have ever been anything but Spirit.
I have never been matter.
I have never been human.
I was never born.
I have never experienced any lack.
I have never been sick.
I have never been injured in any way.
I have never left my Spirit home.

In the movie, Jerry Maguire, sports agent, Jerry, develops a conscience and decides there must be a better way to represent clients where everybody wins. His optimism is not shared by his colleagues and he ends up losing his job. He has to start all over again. The only client he has in his books is Rod Tidwell, a second-rate footballer, who decides to stay with Maguire. But Tidwell needs to see evidence that he's made the right decision to trust in Jerry. "Show me the money!" is Tidwell's mantra.

Infinite Intelligence, show me the money!

I demand to see and experience evidence of the nothingness of matter.
I demand to see and experience evidence of Infinite Spirit.

No matter what appearances suggest I am Spirit.

Love and Light,