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Monday, April 18, 2005

What is the Purpose of Memory?

"It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing." (John 6: 63)
"What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?" (1 Corinthians 6: 19)
A funny thing happened yesterday on my travels on the bus, but it wasn't this me called Enocia, but the me passing off as my mother.

My mother said on her my way to church, because of the London Marathon, her bus was diverted. She ended up having to walk about 2 miles to church. Not too long ago, she was in so much agony she hardly went out and she didn't go to church for several weeks. She couldn't believe she'd walked that distance which for her is a BIG deal. She said while she was walking she felt no pain at all but it was only later in the evening, as she was telling me the story, that she was feeling tired and beginning to ache.

I pondered over my mother's experience and the fact that she had felt no pain as she walked. It seems to me that something was moving her. I call this something: Infinite Intelligence. As she wasn’t the one walking, why then was she feeling tired and her body aching after? Because of the misuse of memory. If you think you've done any form of exercise yourself, your body will say "Prove it. I need evidence." The memory of that exercise is registered on the body as stiffness, fatigue and sometimes pain. I believe this is what was occurring in my mother's body. She believed she had walked all by herself, therefore, her body produced the evidence as pain.

I use buses all the time but I wouldn't dream of taking credit for all the miles I travel. The bus takes care of the journey so I don't need to worry about it. I, therefore, do not expect the evidence of travelling to register on my body, though I do have memory of the actual journey. (There is a way where one can walk for miles and not have any evidence of it, which I shall discuss later).

Years ago, I went on a sponsored walk when I walked 18 miles in one day. As I don't do much physical exercise that, for me, was a big deal. I was so impressed about how good I felt and how I had overtaken teenagers on the way that I started dreaming of taking part in various marathons. Soon after one of my knees gave way. I spent about three years looking for a cure. During that time I must have seen all the therapists known to man: allopathic, complementary and spiritual healers; and I was overwhelmed by the many different explanations why I was in pain. I was even inspired to train in some healing techniques. I also ended up having a relationship with a chiropractor but the knee would still give way. After I had exhausted my resources I turned to God, if there was one, and asked for help. I was promptly shown an image of myself running. Soon enough I had an occasion to run for a bus. I couldn't believe it. For the first time in years I ran without my knee giving way. With the benefit of hindsight, I believe the memory of that sponsored walk had been much too heavy for my body to handle so my knee stopped working for a while.

As humans, we believe if you put too much pressure on the body it is bound to fail at some point. Humans have invented various types of technologies that are supposed to give man more freedom. However, man has programmed these technologies with memory. A car, for instance, has a milometer, which is a kind of memory that measures the distance a car has travelled. It is believed the further a car travels the closer a car is to malfunction. This is why older cars have to go through an MOT in the UK to test for safety on the roads. Otherwise, one can always buy a new car.

As humans, we have become complacent because we believe we have answers for everything. Science seem to have come up with many reasons why the human body, for instance, works in the way it does. Why would we need to look elsewhere or acknowledge another intelligence at work when we already know that our brain and mind does it all? We've got so used to using our memories to record stuff we, humans, have done ourselves. Memories recorded on the body, for instance, result in people getting sick, growing old and dying. Why do you think doctors, healers and various physical therapists are always in demand? Because they are experts at treating people's memories manifesting as various ailments. Our memories are literally killing us!

How do we get round the way we accumulate memories? Is there another way?

What if we were to realise that there is only one Intelligence which is responsible for life? If you knew that when you walk it is the Intelligence working through you, you will never feel tired. It will not matter whether you've walked one mile or 30 miles as you will always feel the same. Does this mean you still won't have memories? I believe you will still accumulate memories but they will be different kinds of memories. Memories will simply be evidence of the Intelligence at work.

Let us look at the way memories are stored in what we collectively call the "past." We talk about staying in the present and yet I know I am constantly recalling experiences from the past. I believe when memories surface it is an opportunity for me to re-write history. In the Vector8 Journals, I am re-writing my life from the perspective of the one Intelligence. Vector8 Journals are reminders of how truly perfect the Infinite Intelligence is and that what He did not create has no reality, a nothing. As it is written in the scriptures:

"All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made." (John 1: 3)
In other words, if the experience is not of Infinite Intelligence it is an illusion and doesn't exist.

This leads to the purpose of spirituality. I believe spirituality is letting go of the beliefs that the human self has any power and acknowledging Infinite Intelligence as the only truth of being; and one's life is the evidence of the Intelligence at work.

I acknowledge that there is only one Intelligence at work in the seen and unseen.
I acknowledge that this Intelligence is the only power responsible for the way my physical body appears.
I acknowledge that I live and move as this Intelligence.
I acknowledge that this Intelligence is my true identity.

What is the purpose of memory? For me, memory is an opportunity to acknowledge Infinite Intelligence at work through all expressions and He, and only He, gets the credit. The only time I get to share the credit is when I merge my "I" with the Infinite Intelligence "I"; in that case, memory is evidence of my identity as Infinite Spirit.

I am Infinite Intelligence,