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Saturday, May 07, 2005

All is Love

Years ago I trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Now, NLP doesn't profess to be the Truth. The founders acknowledge NLP as a map of reality only which one can believe in if one finds it useful.

While studying NLP I came across the following presupposition), which originates from Virginia Satir, a family therapist: "Behind Every Behavior is a Positive Intention." A lot of the NLP techniques are based on this presupposition which of course have to be tested.

I believe "positive intention" is another way of saying Love, the essence of all. Love is a knowing, a presence, though it is imperceptible to the senses. You can sit with someone and feel this presence as silence without needing to say or do anything.

We are all trying to express Love. Even when someone appears to be angry or behaves in a way one finds unacceptable, the intention is to express Love in the only way the individual knows how.

I believe to express Love, I have to realise I am Love. I know myself as this Loving Presence, the stillness.

Let's say I, the Presence, wants to express Love for someone. I need to manifest in a form that the other will find most appropriate and willing to accept. I appear in different forms; as a friend who you can have fun with; as a boyfriend who adores you and shows his love by buying you presents and want to spend time with you; as a passion for a hobby; as the pleasure someone gets from basking in sunlight; as a feeling of joy; there are innumerable ways I appear.

Let's say I appear as love from your partner. This means that his every touch, his smile, the way he looks at you, his kisses, his words and actions are Love being expressed in the way you expect Love. He may not express me perfectly but it is the positive intention, Love, that counts. If you really want to feel my presence with your boyfriend, be still and you will know me in the silence.

Since I know I am Love, I realise that Love expressed through various human instruments are me loving myself.

The other day I saw a man driving in his car. Our eyes met and we exchanged smiles. I knew I was loving myself through him.

Every action has a positive intention. Instead of looking at someone's behaviour, good or bad, go beyond to the original intent, the Presence trying to express Self. Be still for a moment and be with the intention in the silence.

Love is Essence.
Love is Presence.
I trust in Love.

I am Love,