Vector8 Journals

Friday, May 20, 2005

Being in Love

"Love is in the air
Everywhere I look around
Love is in the air
Every sight and every sound

Love is in the air
In the whisper of the trees
Love is in the air
In the thunder of the sea" (From: Love is in the Air by John Paul Young)
Recently on a bus journey, I felt stiffness on my back. I had a thought reminding me that my body is the entire universe, therefore, I can call on any part of my vast body for assistance. I closed my eyes and imagined the chair giving my back a massage. I felt energetic movement releasing the tension.

One thing I don't like so much is the wind in any shape or form. Later as I walked home, when I felt a gust of wind around me, I remembered to see the wind as part of me. The wind felt like tiny, gentle, hands stroking my face. It felt lovely.

I also reminded myself to stop seeing my clothes as irritating but as part of my body. I thanked the jumper I was wearing for her love and care.

When I'm having a bath, I remember to feel the water as part of me and my body feels like it is being gently massaged. I highly recommend it, it feels great.

I am aware now that as I am typing that the keyboards are part of my fingers. Typing is poetry in motion. The chair feels like a warm hug on my back. Even the computer screen has the biggest grin I've ever seen.

I guess one has got into the habit of thinking of inanimate objects as just that, with no life or consciousness. But everything is imbued with consciousness. The Universe is alive.

Imagine the universe as your whole body! How can anything be against you when you are being with yourself? Now I know what it feels like to really be in love.

Love is everywhere!!