Vector8 Journals

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Being Who You Are

Imagine going to a music concert and the performer comes out and he or she can't sing. Why promote yourself as a singer if you can't deliver? I don't care if you have to mime or whether your voice is not perfect, as long as you can entertain that will do me fine. Otherwise, I want my money back.

I once had a relationship with a music producer and he was a musician through and through. It was all he thought about. He really inspired me to follow my passion.

If you are Love be Love. As Love, you love because you can't be anything but Love; at least, this is how I experience Love. I feel Love wanting to express through this instrument and there's nothing I can do to stop Her.

The human way is that you can't be loving until you are feeling loving. Then you'll have a long wait. There's no need to wait. It doesn't matter whether you're feeling lousy, that's the human personality stuff. Just love anyway. It could be smiling at someone, thinking loving thought of someone, recalling a joyful moment, or sending someone loving energy.

It is in giving away that you are being who you are.

I am Love,