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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Geese versus Pigeons, Part 2; and the Winner Is...

In a previous article called Geese versus Pigeons, I wrote that I have observed geese feeding on grass peacefully with more than enough food for all. I said I have observed that when humans feed pigeons they help create an artificial reality of lack where birds end up competing for the little food apparently available. I said that the Universe has already provided superabundantly for us all and we need to stop creating artificial needs and wants, and trust in what is already available for all .

Yesterday evening, I went on a walk by a lake. The water's edge had no grass but lots of pebbles. A woman, a man and their young daughter were sitting on a broken bough enjoying their take-away meal. I sat beside them. They had attracted a flock of geese and pigeons. Now and again one of them would throw scraps at the birds. As there wasn't enough of the food to go round, the birds got into a fight. I watched a couple of geese fighting over chicken leg. Hmmm! Is it cannibalism if a goose is pecking at the bone of a chicken? The squabbles persisted between geese versus pigeons; goose versus goose; and pigeon versus pigeon, until the family finished their meal.

After the family had left I observed the birds. I didn't have any food to give them, beside I didn't want to perpetuate further competition and violence. Now that there wasn't any human food, the birds turned their attention to what was already present. By my reckoning there were only stones and pebbles, but the pigeons and geese knew better. They pecked away at the ground. There was now more than enough of the "invisible" whatever it was to go round, and the birds fed peacefully together.

That's exactly what I mean about feeding birds. Leave the birds alone and they will find what has already been provided for them. I believe an invisible hand takes care of all their needs without any help from humans.

The help birds get is like grass and wild-flowers that grow without human help. Humans believe they have such a deep understanding of nature and how plants grow, but I believe that if nature was left to her own devises, we will see flowers of such resplendence, we will be amazed.

All Good is already present. If only we'd let Life be.

I am the Universe,