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Friday, May 27, 2005

Geese versus Pigeons

"Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions." (Ecclesiastes 7: 29)
During my walk by the river yesterday, I saw a gaggle of geese, 8 of them, feeding together. They were pecking at grass. There was enough grass for everyone to simply graze away, if it is grazing.

Try feeding pigeons and you attract a whole caboodle and they get into a fight over food. There is no reason why pigeons need to depend on humans for food. There are always signs in parks asking people not to feed the pigeons. Surely, the One who sustains the geese can provide superabundantly for pigeons if we trust in the Universe. Is it possible that well-meaning humans have made pigeons competitive and aggressive?

Geese and Pigeons are metaphors for the two ways of being: one natural and the other artificial. Ask anyone what they truly desire and they will tell you they seek wholeness, fulfilment, love, peace and sustenance. All our needs have already been met superabundantly, just like the geese have been provided with lush grass to last them for eternity. But humans have created false desires that have to be met; and in order to meet these false desires, they have to be manufactured, which cost money. People then have to compete for these unnatural resources.

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a bunged up nose and I was coughing. I got dressed and went to collect my mother's prescription from the pharmacist. By the time I arrived at the chemist, I was back to normal. Did I do or take anything? Nope, I didn't give the symptoms further thought. While waiting for my mother's prescription, two customers came in asking about cough mixtures. The sales assistant suggested a particular brand that doesn't cause drowsiness. Before she handed them out she asked whether they had asthma or were taking other drugs. This made me realise that I am truly in the world but no longer of the world. Drugs and diets are no longer part of my reality. I don't exercise to stay healthy. I don't watch what I eat. I don't use anti-wrinkle creams as I don't age. I take no thought and let perfection be.

Later in the evening as I walked home I thought about how funny it would be when I am 100 years old and look like a 25 year old. Imagine being invited to the party that the King or Queen of the UK at the time hosts for centenarians and not allowed in because they think I'm not who I claim to be. How could you look so young at 100? This made me chuckle.

I walked past a man in his car. He asked me about an address in the neighbourhood and I told him. He said, "You are very pretty, do you know that?"
"Thank you."
"Are you rushing home to a boyfriend or husband?"
"Nope, I haven't a boyfriend or a husband."
"How come? Does this mean you're available?"
"Yes, I am available but he has to be like me."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean he has to live a similar lifestyle."
"You're not religious, are you? Are you a born-again Christian?"
"No I'm not a born-again Christian, nor do I follow any religion. I am spiritual and I live my life by spiritual principles. So I expect my partner to be the same."
"Do you mind if I ask you how old you are?"

I told him. (I am in my late thirties, but a woman never discloses her age on her blog. Hehehe)

"I can't believe it! I'm really shocked." he said. "I bet you're always mistaken for a lot younger."
"Yup. I don't believe in aging, spirits can't age."
"Wow, I'm really shocked."

He asked me where I was originally from and I told him. He said his last girlfriend was also from Sierra Leone. We talked for a few minutes and I said goodbye.

Isn't it odd how people get shocked when you don't age? It seems so unnatural to them. How can I grow old when I am Life?

I thought again of the geese feeding together in harmony. They have all their needs met superabundantly. As Spirits we too have our needs met but we have to realise this and stop dreaming up artificial needs and resources. It is the artificial resources that let people behave like pigeons, fighting each other for food. Let us realise our true nature as geese and enjoy the fat of the land for free, for it is our heritage.

Love and Light,
The Goose

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