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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Good versus Evil

"Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God." (Matthew 19: 17)
Is there such a reality as good versus evil? There appears to be the case. People are constantly moving towards what is good and wanting to be good; while moving away from or fighting against evil.

There are many things I like that I consider to be good that others might frown upon. For instance, I love eating tissue paper but many might consider this bad. There are television programmes I enjoy which others might consider evil. What exactly is good and evil?

Good and evil appear to be discrete states. I believe this is only the case when perceived as separate from the whole. When I see myself as the only One where everything is a part of that One, there ceases to be realities/states of good versus evil. Everything is.

A while back I went shopping with my mother. At the supermarket, I noticed this woman doing her shopping. I saw the same woman in another aisle and smiled at her. I saw her again later and we exchanged smiles. I teased her about following us. Then she said to my mother, "You must be very proud of your daughter. She is very good, isn't she?" My mother said yes. I wondered what the woman meant by "good."

On another recent outing with my mother, an elderly gentleman got on the bus we were on. I've seen him around and always have a chat with him. I like the way he addresses me as "madam." He said hello and I introduced him to my mother.

"Your daughter is very good, madam," he said to my mother. "She always says hello when I see her. She has a lot of respect for people."

At least he had elaborated on what he meant by "good."

Is there an ultimate Good? For me, Good is like experiencing all types of love at the same time, which makes you want to experience that feeling forever. How this feeling gets translated in the human realm is another matter.

Someone who is very loving and giving, for instance, might be perceived in the human realm, on the one hand to be loving, kind, sexy, magnetic, charismatic, joyful, happy, peaceful, trusting, compassionate, warm and relaxing; on the other hand, could be perceived as intense, full-on, overwhelming, unrealistic, untrustworthy, naive, and gullible.

It all depends on the one interpreting Good whether she or he is open to receive or think it's all too much. The feelings evoked leads one to experience the physical equivalent. When you feel "happy" you attract "happy" situations...etc.

I believe the many different states are opportunities for the One Good to express Self. As long as the states don't forget that although they are a playing at being different states, their nature is Good and will always be Good.

There is no good versus evil, only Good.
There is only One and it is very Good.

I am Good,