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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hoodies Banned? Whatever Next!!

Have you heard of the shopping centre that has recently banned young people from wearing hoodies for fear of anti-social behaviour. (see article) First they tell us what to wear and now they tell us what to wear when we go to certain places or else. Who do they consider as "young people?" What if you look a lot younger than your years and are wearing a hoodie, does this mean you're not allowed in?

Incidentally, last night I watched a documentary on television called The Monastery about a group of ordinary men who volunteered to spend 40 days and 40 nights in a monastery. Last night was the final episode. I was amused to note monks wear hoodies, though some might call them cowls. I wonder if young monks are allowed into the same shopping centre? What about nuns who also wear hoodies? There must be a nun out there who does the occasional window-shopping as it must get tedious being in a convent, day in, day out. Sorry mother-superior, you've got a hoodie, you can't come in. Hehehe!

I think hoodies have got a bad name because of the likes of Darth Vader of Star Wars who went from being an honourable Jedi knight to being enticed by the dark side. Surely, you can't tar everyone with the same brush as Darth Vader.

I believe all this hullabaloo is good publicity for the shopping centre which is not getting a single mention from me, though you will find the name in the link provided. Hehe!

I definitely won't be going shopping there as I know I'll be kicked out. I am a hoodie wearer and proud of it.

Love and Light,
The Hoodie