Vector8 Journals

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

How to Know What Your Purpose Is

Yesterday, I fancied going for a long walk by the river, but it felt chilly at the time. I decided to do some work and put out an intention that by late afternoon it will be lovely and warm. As expected, it was sunny and perfect for my walk. I met some lovely people on the way which was a real bonus.

On my walk, I pondered over what it means to have a purpose. Many people wonder whether they are in the right jobs or fulfilling their purpose. They want to know how to serve humanity.

On my walk, I spotted a family of geese pecking away at some grass. Isn't it amazing how the Universe has given them the desire to eat grass? There's no shortage of grass near the river. Think of how many people benefit from grass. People enjoy sitting on them in parks, insects love them, and I'm sure they serve many purposes.

Take the river as another example. People are cruising on the river, fish swimming underneath and birds on top, and so much more. The river gives so much joy to so many.

Back to what one's purpose is. I believe that one way you know is whether your work benefits all life for all time. Then you are being true to yourself; you are playing your part as Spirit.

Earlier I had put out an intention to experience a lovely walk and what I received was a sunny afternoon that others were enjoying too. I saw people in boats of various sizes on the river. It also turned out to be a lovely evening.

I believe the Universe works on the basis of creating all Good for all time. Nature is there to be enjoyed for eternity provided we don't destroy them. I believe the real test whether one's work is of Spirit, an inspiration, is whether one's contribution continues to uplift and bless others thousands of years later. You can write wonderful uplifting stories that can be stored on the Internet to be enjoyed for all time. You can produce wonderful art and music to be enjoyed for all time. This is how you know you are being true to yourself.

Now, the human ego mimics Spirit every step of the way. For instance, the media is a gift to humanity to exchange and share information that blesses all. While there are many books, music and movies promoting love, the media is being utilised to control people so only a few benefit. While what is of the ego can also last for all time, you will find it to be of little value. Work of the ego are like vinyl records that were popular and useful for a while but will soon be confined to the record museum.

Do you want to know what your purpose is or whether you are fulfilling your purpose? I believe when you are expressing your joy, the question of serving for the good of all does not arise, it is automatic. What you love attracts love, thus your work blesses all for all time.

My purpose is to be Love.

I am Love,