Vector8 Journals

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Illusion of the Senses

Sometimes, after I've been in silence for a while, I notice sparkles of light on my body. It feels quite strange seeing your body as flesh on the one hand, and light on the other. Which is true? Can they both be true?

I believe the Light is Essence that is all around us albeit appearing invisible to the senses. Essence is who I am and as I focus more on Essence, it is only natural to experience Essence as light; though light is one way Essence clothes Himself.

I wonder whether I'm going to suddenly find myself appear as part Light, part flesh. That would be kind of freaky and funny at the same time.

I believe living as Essence doesn't necessarily mean I will disappear from the human senses. When I feel my body as weightless; when I'm doing something but it feels like empty space doing the work as it is effortless; when it feels as if I'm pure consciousness yet people can still perceive me with the senses; that is when I know I am living as Essence.

It matters not whether the senses continue to intepret my presence as flesh and blood. I know who I am.

I am Essence,