Vector8 Journals

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Life is Like Watching Different TV Channels

In Metaphysics, it has become very popular to think in terms of the "real" and the "unreal." We say "only love is real." What does this mean? Is an experience that is considered "real" one that lasts for eternity; and the "unreal" ephemeral? I have come to realise that all realities exist for eternity whether you believe them to be "real" or "unreal." World is truly without end.

Yesterday on another bus journey, a bus stop was brought to my awareness. Over the last year, in preparation for the new Bendy buses, many bus stop have been refurbished. As I stared at that particular bus stop, I realised I couldn't remember what the older versions looked like. It felt like at some point I had shifted from one reality to the next along with my memory of previous bus stops.

Just because bus stops are new doesn't mean the older versions have disappeared from memory. The previous versions exist within Universal Mind in another reality now imperceptible to the human senses, and will exist for eternity. I know for a fact that all thoughts exist for eternity. When I have visited historical places of interests, I have been able to "see" people in that era. I once went on a tour of a listed building in London. While we stood on the stairs and listened to the guide, in my mind's eye I saw a lady's dress caught on something and watched her tumbling down the stairs. The guide told us that in former times, women were constantly getting their long skirts caught and falling down those stairs. Did I read her mind or was I reading Universal Mind? I would say I was reading the one Universal Mind where I was able to tap into information that exists for eternity. I've learned my lesson and I tend to avoid tapping into the Universal Mind whenever I visit historical place of interests.

Everyday, I wake up to what appears to be a different day. What happened to yesterday? Did yesterday vanish into oblivion? Yesterday is very much alive and kicking. A new day is simply experiencing another "slice" of eternity. A new day is the equivalent of watching a particular channel on television. While your focus is on one channel, you don't appear to be aware of hundreds of other channels going on at the same time, yet, they are still there.

Returning to the concept of what is "real" and "unreal." If you are of the belief that "only love is real," you might consider sickness and suffering to be "unreal." Having that realisation might heal you of a particular disease. Just because you've been healed doesn't mean you've got rid of the disease permanently? You cannot get rid of anything, for everything exists for eternity in Universal Mind. Experiencing healing is making a choice whether to continue watching the same channel or switching to another channel. Whatever channel you decide to watch, the others will still continue for eternity.

Life is filled with unlimited experiences. You can choose what channel/experience you wish to watch or experience. You also get to choose how long you wish to experience that reality.

Personally, I choose channels I love watching whether they are considered to be "real" or "unreal"; for in Oneness there is nothing "real" or "unreal" just the One Television showing different channels.

Light and Love,