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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Life is a Situation Comedy

"Laughter and the Meaning of Life: As my own guru, Harry Cohen Baba used to say, "Life is a sitcom. So sit calm and enjoy it." Swami Beyondananda
During my many bus journeys, I have observed that underneath it all people intend to love but how it comes across is like watching a sitcom. Here are a few examples. To avoid offending anyone I am replacing all expletives with the word "effing."

A Friend Expressing Unconditional Love

Guy A looking out of the bus window shouts at a pedestrian: "Get out of the effing way, you idiot!"
Guy B, "You know you’re getting worse every day swearing like that. It’s not a bad thing, but I just thought I’ll let you know."
A Mother Expressing Love for Her Daughter

"Mind your effing arm, you effing idiot, that's how you ended up breaking it the last time!"
A Father Showing Concern for His Children

A man comes on board a bus with his young kids. He believes the driver should have waited for them to sit down before driving off so he goes to confront the driver.

"What are you doing, you effing idiot? Didn’t you see I had young kids? They could have got themselves injured."

The bus driver ignores him.

The man continues, "You are supposed to look after your passengers but you don’t give a bleep, do you?"

It never occurs to the man that distracting the driver while he’s driving is not only putting his kids at risk but the rest of the passengers as well.
Customer Service

Our bus stops to change drivers from driver A to B.

An impatient passenger says to driver A: "Could you hurry up as my food is getting cold."
Driver A relays the message to driver B. Driver B replies: "Tell him to sit on his food, that will keep it warm."
A Bus Driver Showing Concern for A Fellow Motorist

A man in his car cuts in front of the bus. At a traffic light ahead, the bus driver pulls alongside the car.

"Why are you driving like an effing maniac? You could have caused an accident back then," the driver says.

The man in his car is not happy and tells the driver to eff-off.

The bus driver goes mad. "You want to pull over? I'll sort you out good and proper!"

The man drives off leaving the bus driver fuming.
Another Bus Driver Showing Concern for a Motorist

"Move, you effing idiot!"
Who needs to go to the cinema? Just observe life around you. And it's all for free.

Love and Laughter,