Vector8 Journals

Friday, May 27, 2005

Love, the Master Shape-Shifter

On a bus journey the other day, I had a thought to experience what if feels like being a cat. I was not to be at one with a cat but to be a cat. At first I felt my body change, I felt bouncy as if I was about to lunge at something then I felt goose-bumps and then silence, pure bliss. I could have stayed in that state for the whole journey.

The voice suggested I try being a lion. I did and I felt bliss.
What about a snake? Same feeling.
And a worm? Same feeling.
How about a tree? Same feeling.
Why not try being someone, anyone? Again I felt bliss.
What about being a house, a car, a computer, a television, money, clothes, or jewellery? I felt bliss.

For me, shape-shifting goes beyond personalities, beliefs and forms.

This shape-shifting exercise revealed that, for me, there really isn't any difference between animals, people, things and money. They are all Love, Bliss.

It now makes sense why I used to react in the same way to music I loved or music I didn't. With music I loved I would get goose-bumps and and feel immense bliss. I would react in the same way to music I didn't much care for, which was really annoying. It's as if the essence of music was seeking expression, no matter what the personality believes. Music is Love.

Since all is Love, what better way to attract experiences in your life than being Love? Just be Love no matter what, however one experiences Love.

Behind the many masks passing off as people, things, animals and experiences, there is only One Master Shape-Shifter called Love.

I am the Shape-Shifter,