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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Silence is Power

It's been a windy day today. I came out of a shop and I was nearly blown away by a sudden gust of wind. The ferocity of the wind whipped against my left cheek and I escaped for dear life into silence. In silence I faced the wind and continued my walk. I observed people around me being tossed about but for me, it was as if nothing was happening.

Indeed nothing was.

We tend to think of thoughts as intangible and invisible entities that can be positive or negative. This is not how I perceive reality. Thoughts are everywhere, they just appear in different forms. A lot of the time they appear very solid like our bodies, buildings, trees, wind, rain, climatic conditions and all forms around us; and other times they are invisible. Yet they are thought-forms.

To move from the realm of thoughts I retreat into silence. I have observed that silence either dissolves thought forms to the formless, or it transmute thoughts into different states, in the same way heat transmutes ice to liquid and then gas. I have noticed that when I spend a lot of time in silence, I feel weightless, like I am not here, yet, I'm very much visible.

Back to the gust of wind example. When I came out of the building, I was in a thought form state. In this state, thoughts compete against other thoughts for supremacy. In this realm, thoughts attract like-thoughts. But when I stepped into the causeless realm of silence, I was able to transmute my body into formlessness where the wind has no power.

Imagine what the world will be like if people practised being in silence for a few minutes, at least, a day. What bliss!

Silence is Power.

I am Silence,

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