Vector8 Journals

Friday, May 06, 2005

Trust in the Universe, She Knows What She's Doing

It is late afternoon and getting pretty chilly. When I get on the bus at the first stop I shut two of the windows. I bask in the warmth. At the next stop more passengers get on. Much to my dismay, two guys open the windows. Great, thanks a bunch! I brace myself for the wind's impact; I pull up the zip on my jacket and adopt a huddling position. But the Universe has other ideas. The sun comes out and I feel heat all round my neck, so much so, I unzip my jacket. I get it, Oh ye of little faith, right? Hehehe!

Sometimes when I'm in town and on my way home I catch a bus to Aldwych and another bus from there. Now at the last stop, the driver either stops at, say, Stop A or Stop B. Both stops are good for me as I can catch any of the buses home from there. The only snag is knowing which one will arrive first. Do I stand in the middle of Stop A and B and make a dash for it which bus comes first. The Universe provides a much easier solution as illustrated in the following example.

I'm on the bus to Aldwych. At the last stop, the driver stops at Stop A. As I trust in the Universe, I know this is an indication that the first bus will arrive at Stop A. Sure enough, in less than 2 minutes my bus arrives at Stop A. Effortless.

The Universe knows what She is doing. Once the intent has been put out, She is on the lookout for agents to fulfil that particular goal. In this piece, the agent in the first example is the sun which keeps me warm even when the windows are open. In the second example, the agent is the bus driver who stops where I need to catch my next bus.

All is One and nothing can oppose the One unless you believe in the contrary.

In every moment all is perfect.

I am the Universe,