Vector8 Journals

Monday, May 02, 2005

What If?

Earlier today I watched an episode of the sci-fi series, Stargate, where an alien life form first takes over their computer mainframe. When the computer mainframe is no longer sufficient, it takes over Major Carter's brain. The entity insists that Carter is still within though he has taken over her faculties. The rest of the episode is about how they manage to get Carter back to normal.

I find this an interesting idea. I sometimes feel as if the old me has been wiped out and taken over by some alien entity. There are other times when I feel as if there is still the old me within and this entity simply enhances the old me.

What if God is an alien entity with good intentions who works through compatible human instruments?


I'm getting a lot of benefit right now so this invasion suits me for now.

In closing, the alien entity would like me to pass on this message:

With Love,