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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What is Desire?

Every single person is the entire Universe, seen and unseen. Source is who we are.

As humans, we have many desires. Desires are perfectly reasonable as it is Source's suggestions to express Self. Let's cut to the chase and examine some popular desires. In each example I shall list the attributes of Source and how this is translated into the human experience.

You want to be financially secure and solvent so you can do whatever you want.
You seek a life of adventure.
You seek freedom of expression in all you do.
You want a lifestyle that doesn't tie you down.

You seek out intimate relationships and friendships where you can love and be loved.
You want to do what you love.
You want to be happy and make others happy.
You want to be appreciated for who you are.
You crave attention.

You want peace of mind.
You seek financial security which you believe will bring you peace of mind.
You want peace in the world.

You are interested in expressing and seeking out truth.
You want to be true to yourself.
You want to teach others how to see the truth of who they are.

You like taking care of yourself.
You like others who look good.
You go on various diets to attain your ideal weight.
You have your standards of perfection and are critical of yourself and others for not meeting those standards.

You want to be healthy and try various diets and exercises to achieve this.
You want to learn as many techniques as you can to heal yourself and others.

You crave wealth and do all you can to amass wealth.
You want to live a lavish lifestyle.

The above are a few attributes of Source. This is what makes our desires universal.

As you can see, desires are perfectly natural. They are you as Source seeking expression. In our quest to express Source, we attract many experiences. We are on a quest to express our attributes perfectly. What stops us from being who we are? I believe we don't trust in Source. Let's say you are sick and want to be well as you know that your nature is wholeness. What usually happens is you look for a cause behind your illness or dream one up. The way to wholeness is to realise you are already wholeness and let wholeness be. No matter what the disease, deny any cause and let wholeness be. In other words, acknowledge your desire for perfect health and know that what you are seeking is wholeness. Then let wholeness appear in the human way as perfect health. Remember Source can appear as anything if you let Her.

Easier said than done? I know the feeling.

One of the most difficult challenges for me has been to let Perfection be. I have a spot on my face, for instance, and I have to pick it and try to make it go away. I apply all my healing techniques and dream up new ones to get rid of it. It is perfectly understandable that I should want to get rid of the spot as I know my nature is Perfection. But to let Perfection appear perfectly was a tricky one for me. I've learned to let life be and to stop looking for causes.

Desires are natural.
I see desires as Source generating ideas to express Self.
I trust in Source to appear as the very thing or experience without interference.

I am Source,

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