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Monday, June 27, 2005

Articles in Alpha Order

Dear readers,

Following is a list of all articles in this blog in alphabetical order.

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Much gratitude and love to Ben Gilberti for designing the Light fractal.


With love,

-- A --

A Christmas Message
A Critical Evaluation of the Eurovision Song Contest
A Dedication to My Mother
A Demonstration of Oneness
A Homage to Bruce Lee
A Kite Can Only Be a Kite
A Marriage Made in Heaven
A New Way of Communicating
A Revisionist Interpretation of the Garden of Eden
A Thank You Prayer
A World of Silence
Accident or Omnipresence at Work?
Acting Like a Professional
Aggressive Marketing
Alien Abduction - An Alternative View
All is Love
All is Universal Energy
All That You Seek You Already Are
Alternate Realities
An Annoying Manifestation!
Are Natural Disasters Acts of God?
Are the Brits Deprived?
Are We Living in a Nanny State?
Are We of the One Mind?
Are You a Back-Seat Driver?
Are You Doing It For Yourself?
Are You Dreaming Again?
Are You Here To Serve Humanity?
Are You Ruled By the Heart or Mind?
As High as a Kite
Ask and You Will Receive
Ask Me No Questions and I'll Tell You No Lies
Astral Travel

-- B --

Back to Basics - Experiencing Nothing
Being Formless Self - Collapsing Forms Visualisation
Being in Love
Being Myself
Being the One - A Metaphor
Being Who You Are
Be Still and Know Who You Are
Be True To Yourself
Big Picture, Detail or Both
Boring! Give Us a Challenge!

-- C --

Cherished Memories
Cloaking Technology
Creation is a Reaction to What Already Is

-- D --

Different Approaches to Problems
Dissolving All Into the Light
Divine Love Always Meets Our Needs
Do Beauty Products Work?
Do Beliefs Matter?
Do Food Supplements and Diets Work?
Do We Create Our Own Realities?

-- E --

Evidence That Energy is Power
Expect Nothing But the Best
Experiencing Nothing
Exploring the Presence as Healing

-- F --

Faith and Healing
False Humility Versus Meekness
Finding Peace
For My Forever Friends
Free at Last
Freedom - Breaking the Habit of a Lifetime
Full, Half-Full or Empty?

-- G --

Geese Versus Pigeons
Geese Versus Pigeons, Part 2; and the Winner is..."
Giving Thanks
God Doesn't Play Favourites
God Is
God is All in All
Good Versus Evil
Gratitude to Mother Nature

-- H --

Hoodies Banned? Whatever Next!
How Can I Grieve Over an Illusion?
How Do You Know There is a Higher Self?
How I Conquered Fear With Belief
How Like-Minds Attract
How One Can Make Something Out of Nothing
How StarTrek Saved the Day
How To Avoid a Divided Mind
How To Avoid Typecasting
How To Know What Your Purpose Is
How To Manifest Heaven on Earth

How to Receive the Desires of Your Heart
How We Can Be Each Other's Guides

-- I --

I Am Being
I am Boundless Light
I am Light
I am Responsible For How I Perceive the World
I'm Only Playing With My Food
I'm Right There With You
I Love You Just Because
If There is No Time, Is Planning Necessary?
Immaculate Concept
Immaculate Concept - Part 2
In a Causeless Realm
In Deepest Gratitude
Inner Silence
In Your Dreams!
Is Forgiveness Really Necessary?
Is There Such a Thing as Like-Minds?
It's a Miracle!
It's Like...I'm Possessed or Something
It's Love Day!
It's No Big Deal!
It's Only a Game - Part 1
It's Only a Game - Part 2
It is All Nothing!

-- J --

Joy Lifts Me Up
Judging No One's Path

-- K --

Keeping It Real
Know Thyself

-- L --

Language Barrier
Law and Grace
Law and Love
Letting the Formless Be Formless
Life is Art
Life is a Roller-Coaster
Life is a Situation Comedy
Life is Eternal
Life is Like Watching Different TV Channels
Life is Unfolding Perfectly
Life Lesson No. 666 - To Get More, Use What You Have
Life Lesson No. 989,888,990,001,987,123.00989
Like Attracts Like
Living as Awareness
Living in a Timeless Realm
Living in the Wonder; Expect the Unexpected
Living Under Grace
Love Conquers All
Love Takes Many Forms
Love, the Master Shape-Shifter
Love Without Conditions
Loving What I Love
Lucid Dreaming

-- M --

Making Waves
Manna from Heaven
Miss Jones
Mission: Impossible!
Money, Transaction and Free Market
My Alarm Clock
My Best Efforts are Not Enough
My Name is Enocia
My One True Love
My Own Private Everest
My Pet Hates
My Ways are Not Your Ways

-- N --

New Year's Resolutions
No Matter What the Appearances, Harmony Is
No Matter What Version, Truth is Truth
Not All Suffering Is
Nothing Can Be Added To or Taken Away From Perfection

-- O --

On Channelling
On Earth as in Heaven
On Gambling and Psychic Powers
Oneness is Not Sameness
Only One Exists - 1
Only One Exists - 2
Optical Illusions

-- P --

Peace Is
Pennies From Heaven
Perception of Me Versus the Real Me
Personal Power is Relinquishing All Responsibility
Playing with Beliefs
Positive Thinking is Not Enough
Practising Oneness
Preconceived Ideas of Spirituality
Pretty Woman
Putting the Under-Utilised Workers to Work

-- R --

Relationships - A Metaphor
Relative Truth Versus Absolute Truth
Remember My Name
Resist Not Evil
Revisiting the Causeless Realm
Robot Wars

-- S --

Sealing the Door
Seeing is Believing
Seeing Reality As It Is
Seeing Reality As It Is - In Practice
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
Seeking What We Already Are
Senseless Figures
Show Me the Evidence!"
Sign of the Times
Silence is Power
Smile Please!
So I Don't Get Complacent
Some Thoughts About Communication
Some Thoughts About Giving
Some Thoughts About Harmony
Some Thoughts on Telepathy
Spirit in a Bottle Versus Supernal Spirit
Spirit Man, Natural Man and Gifts of the Spirit
Staying Connected to the Grid and Being the Grid
Staying in the Moment
Stop Trying to Figure Things Out

Surrender to Love

-- T --

Taking Nothing For Granted
The Answers are Everywhere
The Answer is Always Yes!
The Art of Unsubscribing
The Clear View
The Consuming Fire
The Dream Called Death
The Eight-Pointed Star
The Father and I are One
The Fight Against Crime
The Game of Asking and Receiving
The Game of Expansion
The Games People Play
The Gift
The Gift - Part 2
The God of Too Much and No Rules
The Hard Way or Easy Way?
The Hologram
The Illusion of the Senses
The Impersonal Self
The Impersonal is Personal is Impersonal
The Ingenuity of God
The Instrument of Torture
The Kingdom is Yours For Free
The Lost Art of Forgetting
The Love That Wants Nothing in Return
The Mortal is Immortal
The Nature of the Light/Mind
The One "I"
The Peace of God
The Power of Prayer
The Power of the One
The Presence
The Problem is Your Browser
The Problem with Belief
The Problem with Judging By Appearances
The Problem with Self-Will
The Purpose of Truth
The Realm of No Thought
The Real Self
The Real Work
The Secret of Eternal Youth By Bus
The Spiritual Paradox; To Be or Not To Be?
The Spiritual Path
The Three Wishes
The Truth About Mind Control
The Uncaused Self
The Universe is Superabundant
The Wacky and Wonderful World of Pica
The Wonder of Fashion
The Yes Zone
Then is Now and Now is Then
Then is Now and Now is Then - Part 2
There is No Cause
There is No Space
Thoughts on Good and Evil
Thought for Today - 1
Thought For Today - 2
Thought for Today - Greed
Thoughts About Crossing the Road
Time, Space and Waiting
Time Versus No-Time
Tip of the Day
To Be Truthfully Cynical
To Have All Give All
True Freedom
Trust in the Universe, She Knows What She is Doing
Trusting in the Father-Mother Principle
Trusting in Guidance
Trusting in the One Life in All
Trust is a Transferable Skill

-- U --

Unity is Beyond Belief and Synchronicity

-- V --

Virtual Reality Cannot Harm You!

-- W --

Walking with Love
War Remembrance
We are All Angels
What are the Qualities of a Spiritual Guide?
What If?
What is Compassion?
What is Desire?
What is Freedom?
What is Guidance?
What is Hereditary?
What is Love?
What is Oneness - 1?
What is Oneness - 2?
What is Rapport?
What is Synchronicity?
What is the Purpose of Memory?
What is the Real Purpose of the Spiritual Path?
What is True Guidance?
What's Right, What's Wrong?
What's So Funny about Seeing Someone Fall?
What's the Difference?
What's the Rush?
What It Means to Live in a Spiritual Universe
What Keeps Us From Having Unlimited Energy?
What You Love, Loves You Back
Whatever You Love, Loves You Back!
When Life Imitates Mosaic Art
When Loss is Gain
Where Do You Put Your Faith?
Where Fear is Wasted
Where Love Is
Who Are My Friends?
Who Are the Lightworkers?
Who Do You Think You Are?
Who is Pulling Your Strings?
Whose Life is it Anyway?
Why Am I Having This Human Experience?
Why Here and Why Now?
Why I Declare "No Cause"
Why it is Important to have Discipline
Why it is Necessary For Me to Stay Awake
Why It is Pointless Judging Another's Path
Why One Should Never Judge
Why You Must Be Born Again - A Metaphor
Withdrawing into the Light
Wonder Versus Wondering
Working with Energy Requires Discipline
Working with Sacred Fire
Working with Source Energy
World Without Beginning or End
Work Out Your Own Salvation