Vector8 Journals

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Divine Love Always Meets Our Needs

Divine Love can shape-shift into any reality to meet our needs.

A few days ago I heard my mother, who I live with, sneezing. She said she had hay fever. She also asked me to buy her some ginger to help fight off the sore-throat and cough she was expecting. As expected, her hay fever developed into a full-on cold and cough. Two days ago she was coughing so hard she couldn't sleep.

It was a bit of a dilemma for me. On the one hand I have no intention of imposing my beliefs on her. While she has been open to spiritual healing in the past, she prefers using medicines and doctors. On the other hand, I can love her unconditionally whether she is open or not. So I dreamed or imagined many healing angels around her taking care of her. I also saw her as Light. When I got home yesterday I asked her how she was and she said a lot better. Last night she slept right through and no cough.

This morning I said to her that her cold and cough had disappeared all of a sudden. She attributed the sudden healing to a cough and cold mixture she bought yesterday which she believed was excellent. I reminded her that God is the healer.

God, the Cosmic Dreamer, can take on any form we're comfortable with, even cough and cold remedies.

Love and Light,