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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Dream Called Death

Earlier today I met an old friend from college. We'd both studied media and cultural studies. She said she recently lost her mother. We had just enough time for me to share this website address when her bus arrived. We hugged and said goodbye.

I had a feeling that this encounter was an opportunity for me to address dying from another perspective.

What is death? Is death real?

Night dreams can seem so real I can easily forget that part of my awareness is in another reality called earth, where the body is sleeping. When I wake up in this reality, this seems like the only reality. What if I went to sleep and never woke up from this reality. In other words, what if I was stuck in a dream? I may not even realise I am stuck and treat that reality as the only real, forever. Those observing the physical body will presume I am dead and bury that body.

On the other hand, let's say I wake up from sleep one day back to this reality where I am typing this article. I have written elsewhere that just because people appear to be awake does not mean they are fully awake. They are still dreaming up experiences based on beliefs that we are only human destined to grow old and die, and that this reality is the only reality. Once you're dead that's it.

Let's say you are experiencing what you consider to be another day and you fall ill and drop dead. Again, people observing from this dream life will presume you are dead and bury your body, but you are very much aware of what's going on. You are frustrated with your loved ones because they are acting as if you're not there when you are so obviously present. You find it puzzling that your loved ones are weeping over your demise when you are so obviously alive. You try your best to let them know you're still alive but they can't hear you.

Why can't my loved ones see me? Where the hell am I? You no longer have a body that is discernible by the senses; you have a body of light. People in this dream realm expect humans to have solid, physical bodies, otherwise people think you're an angel, extra terrestrial, or an alien.

Remember how people in the dream realm called earth can get stuck in their way of thinking and not open to new ideas? Being in another dream realm is the equivalent of opening up to new ideas. Those who have strong beliefs are not likely to open to your ideas, are they? You have "entered" a dream that is different from earth reality. In your dream you can move at the speed of thought. How many humans do you know who can move that fast? Some might witness light around them and think their eyes are playing tricks with them, others might interpret the lights as angels and others might sense nothing at all.

You could also have "entered" a dream based on your beliefs. If you are religious and believe in a heaven realm, you will find yourself in your idea of heaven. You may even see entities that look to you like angels and other deities, depending on your beliefs. These entities will help orient you to your new surroundings.

Only those who are aware of the many dream realms will be aware of your presence. If you're really desperate to let your loved ones know you are still alive, you could ask someone who can access your dream realm to relay the message, that is if your loved ones are open to this mode of communication.

As you can see, death is simply going to sleep and waking up in another dream. It might feel painful for those who seem to have lost a loved one but it is still a dream. How does one wake up from this dream? This is what Jesus has to say about death:

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death." (John 8: 51)
Is this a metaphor? No, Jesus is speaking plainly and it is relevant for all time. When you realise the truth that only the One Eternal Life exists in all, death is simply going to sleep and waking up in another dream. According to the scriptures, when Jesus raised people from the dead, he never considered them dead but asleep.

We have been given the opportunity to wake up from all dreams. We are to realise the truth that there is only One Life in all. When we awake in that consciousness we shall not see death. We will know only eternal life. Then we can consciously walk into another dream realm with our bodies fully intact.

All my Love,