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Thursday, June 16, 2005

I Am Being

There is only One having life. You cannot pick and choose what should be included in oneness and what should be left out. Oneness is all-inclusive. It takes practice to be able to see all as you. I have to admit there are some things I find challenging like the weather, or thought forms passing off as the weather. I feel the wind and sometimes I resist as I don't much care for breeze, then I remember to affirm "Only One Exists."

Yesterday, I had this idea to go for a walk but was in two minds about it as the place I had in mind didn't appeal to me. I had stopped walking along the local canal because part of that footpath has holes and when it rains, which it had earlier, one has to hopscotch around the puddles. While I don't mind puddles, I have to be in the mood. Why was I thinking about walking along that particular canal?

I got on the bus in the direction of the canal. At one point, the bus stopped at a traffic light. A car pulled up beside us and it was blasting out one of my favourite Michael Jackson tracks Don't Stop Till You Get Enough from my favourite album of his, Off the Wall. It was as if I was being acknowledged for the piece I wrote about him the other day (see link). I moved my head to the beat until the car moved away. A passenger behind me asked me if I was a fan. I said I was a big fan.

The bus arrived at the stop where I was meant to get off but I couldn't be bothered. At the next stop I felt a force compelling me to get off so I did, reluctantly. I decided to walk in the opposite direction to the canal, along the river which was very pleasant. I met a few people on the way. I even came across and stroked a reluctant dog being dragged along on its walk. I know how you feel doggie.

After a while I was going to get the bus back because I was still reluctant to walk along the canal further down but I had a feeling I should head in that direction. I had a thought to practise "I am being." This means that it is not the personality Enocia walking but the one "I" in all walking or being. I am not seeing other walkers and cyclists "I" am being. I walked in silence. I had a sense of oneness that everyone was taking that walk with me. It was as if I wasn't actually walking, I was being walked. When the One is taking the walk, every step is new and so you're not tired. When I arrived at the footpath along the canal I saw the holes had been sealed. Excellent! I walked in stillness.

Just as I was going to turn off the canal I had a feeling I should stay on the footpath until further down. After a few minutes I saw a young man throwing up. He had his bicycle beside him. I asked him if he was OK. He said he wasn't feeling well and blamed his sickness on the smell coming from the canal. He also told me where he'd cycled from which was a long way away. The funny thing is I'd just come from the same place and had to get two buses to get back. He said he just felt like cycling from there to where I live. I wished him well and he thanked me for my concern. After a few minutes I heard a cyclist approaching behind me at full speed so I stepped out of the way. It was the young man all energised. He waved and sped off. What are the chances of meeting someone who has just come from the same place as you. Easy. There is no such thing as a coincidence, there is only the One being.

Later while I was asleep I woke up to pins and needles again as if my whole body was on fire. I thought "I am Being." I was immediately in peace and went back to sleep. I had a kind of nightmare; I was being attacked by a man who had just murdered someone. Just as he was about to inject me with poison, I thought "I am Being," and the man stopped and realised he had no intention of hurting me. Then I woke up from that dream.

The dream represents what happens when we are not in oneness and see others as different from us. We are always in defence. The moment you realise all is One, you wake out of that nightmare.

In a previous article called The Real Work I talked about Mickey Mouse jobs. This morning while I was waiting for a bus, a young lady stood next to me. She had on a jacket that had pictures of guess who? Mickey Mouse. Yeah, yeah Universe, very funny!

"I am Being" is a powerful affirmation that acknowledges that there is only the One having life. The One "I" is Infinite love, peace, joy, truth, and good, and the one life in all. Every action is "I am Being."

I am Being,