Vector8 Journals

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I am Light

"God is light, and in him is no darkness at all." (1 John 1: 5)
Continuing the dialogue with the Inner Voice (IV)

EJ: What does it mean when some mystics have described God as Light? What is this Light?

IV: Many have experienced my presence in Yoga, meditation and other altered states and have interpreted me as Light. It is a way of the mind trying to conceptualise, give the formless a form; thus, mind comes up with a kind of image, light.

EJ: Wait a minute, are you saying you are not light? I have experienced you as light. I have experienced you as radiant light orange or is it white light with a tinge of orange? Whatever. I've still experienced you as light and when I was drawn into your light and I became the light, I felt immense bliss. I was bliss. I am bliss. I can't deny what I experienced, there was light.

IV: You clothe me in light, just like you clothe yourself in a body of flesh and bones. But I am Spirit without a body. Have you not felt blissful without the light?

EJ: Actually yes. I feel bliss without experiencing any light, it's like I know I am bliss and I am bliss, if that makes sense.

IV: Absolutely. You get a sense of my presence in the stillness. You are all used to seeing various hues of light and each individual interprets my presence in a personal way that works for them. And you all come to an agreement that I am bliss, or so it seems.

EJ: Yes. But are you Light or not?

IV: I am Light if you experience me as Light. I am Love if you experience me as Love. I am Bliss if you experience me as Bliss. I am Spirit if you experience me as Spirit. I am Truth if you experience me as Truth. I am Consciousness if you experience me as Consciousness.

EJ: Hmmm! But what are you? Can't you be more specific?

IV: I am formlessness, without concepts.

EJ: Hang on a minute...Bingo! I now see why I experience you as bliss because without concepts there is nothing for me to think about and when I don't think, there's nothing to fret over and when I don't fret, I am in a state I call bliss. This suggests that bliss is an interpretation.

IV: I am whatever you experience me to be. Know that I am formlessness.

EJ: OK. Do you mind if I see you as Light in this dialogue?

IV: I am whatever you experience I am.

EJ: OK, you are Light.

IV: I am the one Light in all. I am Life.

EJ: In our previous dialogue, you talked about being the one Life and that one can "delude oneself" into thinking that one has a life of one's own. Can you put this into context in this dialogue.

IV: When you see the ocean what you do think of?

EJ: The ocean of course.

IV: Do you think about the creatures within the ocean?

EJ: Not really. I just think how huge it is. Only if I was an oceanographer of some other type of scientist would it interest me to think about what lies beneath. If I want to think about the creatures I watch a documentary or something. Where are we going with this?

IV: Imagine the one Life as the ocean. When you think of the fishes and plants in the ocean you are seeing the ocean in parts. When you think of yourself as human or as part of the human race or as having a soul, you are separating yourself into little parts. In truth, you are the ocean, you are Life, You are Light.

EJ: Didn't you say in the last dialogue and I quote:

"...there is only one Life and you, EJ, are a vessel. You must let the one and only Life express through you the vessel." Whose life is it anyway?
IV: Yes I did. We also ended the same dialogue by me saying and I quote:

"When you live with the truth that there is only one Love, Will and Life, you are God, the all in all."
God is Light and it is you. When you are identifying yourself as the ocean, you are the Light/God the One. When you are being a creature or many creatures within the ocean, you are a vessel for the One to express through.

EJ: I am Light, is this what you are saying?

IV: Yes. Being the Light is being the all that is.

EJ: Why is it so difficult to accept oneself as the Light? We are so used to thinking small and it seems like blasphemy to claim one's identity as the Light. Who do you think you are, God?

IV: You can choose to identify yourself as a drop of water, a pond or a lake if that's what rocks your world. But the truth is the ocean is who you are and you cannot change that.

EJ: Thank you for that reminder. I want to ask about manifestation.

IV: I know what you are trying to ask. All life is the one cohesive Light that appears to be in continuous motion as new creations on the one hand, while remaining still and unchanging on the other. As it is a cohesive whole, one point of consciousness can affect the whole. It is rather like looking into a kaleidoscope when you observe different patterns of light. But the changing patterns are illusory in nature for they are mere reflections of the one light.

EJ: What do you mean by "one point of consciousness"?

IV: There is only one Light, one Life and one Consciousness. Each of you is the One Consciousness. Before a thought there is a gap, the stillness between thoughts. For some that gap could extend to hours, days, months and years even; for others that gap is negligible. The gap between thoughts or silence is when you are being the one Consciousness. Thus, each of you is the one point of consciousness capable of influencing the one cohesive whole. Are you still with me?

EJ: Yes.

IV: Now, when you identify yourself as the one Light or ocean you are the "one point of consciousness," the one looking through the kaleidoscope and rotating the instrument to produce different patterns of light called creation. Manifestation is the art of producing different light patterns. As the one Light or Life, you are the conductor of the Light orchestra.

EJ: Wow!! You mean the universe is a kaleidoscope and I am the one creating the patterns.

IV: No, Life is the kaleidoscope and the observer. Remember I said "All life is the one cohesive Light." Oneness is cohesive, always cohesive. When you think about something you are the thing; you arise in consciousness as one. Thus, the universe may appear to be out there from you but the truth is you are the universe. When you are typing, it is the universe typing. When you are laughing it is the universe laughing. Whatever you're doing, even having a pee (and this statement is specifically for you C) it is the universe having a pee.

EJ: No wonder.

IV: What?

EJ: No wonder it seems like whenever I'm thinking something, I see the thought around me in some form or another.

IV: Yes, you are being the one thought in all. You are all trying to express the one thought but they come out different. Do you want to share an experience of telepathy you once had.

EJ: I was re-taking a Pranic Healing course, which you can do for free just to keep you up to date. Part of the course includes practising receiving and giving distance-healing. We all paired up. Some of us were sent to another part of the building and our partners remained in the workshop room.

When it came to my turn to receive healing, I relaxed and stilled my mind. I had a sense of being in a park with lovely flowers. It felt really peaceful and I wanted to stay there forever. Then I got a picture of a ladder. After we'd finished receiving and sending healing, we reconvened to give feedback. Some people described different sensations. I shared what I had experienced. My partner looked at me in amazement. She said she had sent me peace. I guess for me being in a park is peaceful. I asked her what the ladder meant. She said she'd visualised a ladder in my body which she used to check out my organs to see if everything was fine.

IV: By the way, there is no such thing as telepathy. You are all sharing the one thought though you may have different interpretations or expressions of the one thought.

EJ: Oneness is amazing.

IV: Indeed.

EJ: I'm lost for words.

IV: Indeed.

EJ: Will you stop saying "indeed"?

IV: Indeed.

EJ: Anyway, I am going to end this dialogue here. I'm sure we'll talk some more but I feel like I need to be in silence.

IV: Indeed.

Light and Love,