Vector8 Journals

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Life is Eternal

I overheard someone say yesterday "My life is in God's hand. When God is ready to take me, I will go. It's all in God's hand."

I thought to myself that this is a false belief. God is Life and God is all in all, therefore, Life is eternal. Why would God/Life wish to end life?

It makes me think of the many near-death experiences I've read where some people have described a voice or a being telling them "It's not your time." How can there be a time to die when death is an illusion? Who then tells people it's time to die? No other than the voice of false belief, the voice of death.

If there is a God that decides when one should die, it's not a God I know to be real. It is a dream God.

There is no time to die for there is no death in life.

Life is eternal.

Life and Love,