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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Life is Unfolding Perfectly

"Matter, thought, and energies all intersect on one plane of existence. Spirit is on a different but parallel plane. On the material plane there is energy and the experience of matter, time, and movement. On the true-self plane, there is only the pure experience of love, oneness or unity. No thought is necessary because there is nothing to think about and no comparisons to make. There is no doing, because doing implies improving or getting something. In the true-self plane, where all is perfect there is nothing to improve upon and nothing that needs additions or fixing. These are all functions of the body, which is a material perspective.

[...]"Angels, Holy Spirit, ascended masters, and evolved spirit guides know the truth of life's divine perfection. However, they also see that we need help while we still believe we are in the material world. Their role is to function on both planes to help us gently awaken to our higher selves in the spirit plane." (The Lightworker's Way, Doreen Virtue, p. 240)
I've written elsewhere that a verse from Psalm 118 forms part of my daily prayer:

"This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." (Psalm 118: 24)
This means that everything is always perfect.

Yesterday while I was working on a piece in the library, the Internet went down. I saved my work on a floppy. I reflected on what the network problem means and started writing a piece about the symbolism of the LAN (local area network) versus the WAN (wide area network). As I typed away I found I had to stop and think. If I have to think about what I'm writing it means it's not coming from the One Self in all.

I pondered about oneness. Since all experiences are the One Being in every way, nothing can oppose the one will. While the network problems appeared to be opposing the one Will, I knew this wasn't true. If what I wanted to do was really important, I could very easily go to an Internet Cafe. The day is the Lord's, therefore, everything is perfect. This can only mean that the One in me is wanting to be something or be somewhere else. I had intended to go into town anyway so I went to catch my bus.

While I waited for my bus, I was approached by a man I've seen a few times in the library. It's been a while since I last saw him. The first time he introduced himself, he said he was a film maker for MGM studios. At the time I couldn't decide whether he was serious or nuts. Oops, there I go passing judgments. Am I Being judgmental? Hehehe! Hey, I'm sure many people think I'm bonkers. To cut a long story short, he was travelling on the same bus into town and even getting off at the same stop. While I accept all is the One, therefore, the man is me, I didn't fancy spending a whole hour with a me who I considered getting off and waiting for another bus then he started talking about God's will and his belief in the One Truth in all religions, though he is a Hindu. That was the sign I needed.

We chatted for a while. Though we were speaking the same language, half of what he was saying made no sense to me. I had a feeling I was to just be and enjoy our beingness. I was also inspired to tell him everything was OK and he shouldn't worry about a thing. Then he fell asleep and I stayed in silence till we got into town.

Doreen Virtue has written in The Lightworker's Way that there are two types of healers: psychic and spiritual. Psychic healers work in the realm of the material where sickness, pain, suffering and the ego appear very much real. In the material realm, we appear to be separate. Psychic healers work with energy to transmute thought-forms. Spiritual healers on the other hand, realise that all is One and perfect, therefore, there is no need to fix anything. It is a realm of being.

I have worked as a psychic healer before. My work now is as Spirit plane when I am to simply be the Love that I am. It doesn't mean I sit around and do nothing, but to act in beingness. This article, for example, it is an effortless process of being. The moment I start thinking, I know the ideas are not coming from my "true-self" but that of the ego which is a doing state. So life for me is a constant realising that all is the One being and it is perfect.

Another way to put it is when you are being, the world around you transforms to reflect that perfection. Ordinary errands are effortless. For instance, last night I went into the supermarket on my way home to buy my mother some ginger. I noticed there were long queues on the few checkouts that were open. I only had one packet of ginger. A member of staff suddenly appeared and pointed me to the customer service desk where there was no queue. This may seem ordinary but this is what it means when you are being which creates situations where you don't need to worry about a thing. Roads are clear when you want to cross, buses turn up when you arrive at a bus stop, you sit next to someone who you need to be with and all is perfect. The moment you're out of your being-ness and in the state of thinking or doing-ness, "all hell breaks loose."

I reckon it's about time they created a new job title called Being. Imagine meeting someone for the first time and he asks,

"What do you do?"
"I am a be-er."
"Fosters, Heineken or Tennants?" Hahaha! Couldn't resist it.

There is only One Life expressing Self in all. The One expresses by being. I am a Be-er and proud of it.

Life is unfolding perfectly.

Love and Light,