Vector8 Journals

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Making Waves

So I’m sitting watching birds frolicking around in a pond. A swan dives in causing eddies around the pond. I watch the whirlpool extend to the other side of the pond, seemingly touching other birds. Are the other birds really affected by the swan's actions? While the waves appear to have changed the flow within the pond, nothing really changes. The other birds are happy in their spots feeding and frolicking away.

I see the pond as Universal Intelligence; and the waves are our life experiences. Each of us is like the swan, firmly rooted in his little space in the pond yet having total access to the entire pond. Nothing can change who he is. While the swan has dominion of the pond, his dominion does not frustrate the needs of other birds. They are all totally taken care of.

As Spirit, we are also firmly rooted in Universal Intelligence. You could dream up fabulous adventures which you believe will change the world and encourage or inspire others, but they won't make a dent on the infinite Universal Intelligence that we are. I can write millions of articles on Truth but these articles are only waves in the pond. Nothing I do or say can make a dent on Infinity.

Oh well, it's fun to make waves just for the hell of it.

I am Universal Intelligence,