Vector8 Journals

Friday, June 03, 2005

Manna From Heaven

The substance of the Universe is Light, also called universal energy, prana or chi.

We tend to think we see with our eyes or hear with our ears. In truth we see with Mind. Thus, Mind reveals the universe through the sensory organs or in other ways.

Over the years I've experienced the Light in different ways. First, I experienced the world as a tremor. Waiting for trains used to be a real adventure for me because the tracks were continuously in motion, an eternal shimmer that made the tracks appear formless and solid at the same time. I wondered whether others could see this. I was forever looking down at the tracks. Sometimes the shimmer would get so "bad" I would think I was going to fall on the tracks.

I've studied energy healing techniques. When I studied Pranic Healing we were taught how to feel the universal life energy. Again, Mind revealed the energy through feelings and sensations and as fine films of light around people and objects. Some students could see energy as different shades of light.

I also see the Source of Light with my inner version as the brightest Light. The Light also has a sound which is like the way electrical instruments hum but not quite. I know I can hear it.

When I was walking home yesterday I was deep in thought, then I stopped thinking. All around me were zillions of fine light drizzling silently, at least they appear to be falling the way rain falls, and evenly distributed. I have observed that they are not as visible indoors as they are outdoors particularly around trees and woodland areas. The main thing is when I'm in silence I tend to notice energy more than when I'm thinking. It doesn't mean the energy is not still there when I'm thinking, I just don't notice It as much.

There is such a thing called Mana from Heaven.

Thank you Divine Love for providing us so super-abundantly to meet all our needs.

Light and Love,