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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Nothing Can Be Added To or Taken Away from Perfection

"Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." (Matthew 5: 48)
The human experience appears to be imperfect what with...well you know...all sorts seeming to be going on. You try to make yourself perfect by preening and healing; always seeking to add to what is already perfect. Or you try to do the reverse; you try to remove stuff in order to make yourself whole and perfect.

Can you improve what is already perfect? Of course not, perfection is. But the world is imperfect, there are wars, famine, droughts, sickness and death, aren't they? How can these be perfect? I'm saying that what appears to be imperfect lies perfection. I wrote in a piece called What it Means to Live in a Spiritual Universe that a grit can feel quite hard on one's eye when experienced as a grit, but when experienced as Love it is formless and cannot hurt the eye. The world might appear to be imperfect and will continue to appear so for those who continue to perceive it as such. When people shift to realising that all is Love, they will witness the very thing they consider "evil" transform in front of their very eyes. You will see the world reveal its "hidden treasures."

In the film, Total Recall the people on Mars are struggling for survival with many of the inhabitants now mutants. Quaid and his girlfriend, Melina discover that there is an alien technology that once released can give the planet free oxygen and transform the atmosphere. But the leader, Cohaagen, is determined to stay in control and is not prepared to give up this technology without a fight. Quaid manages to release the technology. Before the atmosphere is transformed there is a massive upheaval resembling earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. During this time, Quaid, Melina and Cohaagen are thrown out into the Mars atmosphere. Their bodies can't cope with the environment and they are choking so much their eyes pop out. It is only after the atmosphere has been transformed and the air within has been released that Quaid and Melina return to normal. Cohaagen does not survive.

I believe this movie is a metaphor for the treasures that appear "buried" all because of one's inability to perceive what is. I read somewhere that a little image of a smiling Buddha was uncovered during last year's Asian tsunami. Though I don't buy the idea of disasters being "acts of God," this is a metaphor of the treasures that already exists right here and right now. It's a matter of shift of perception.

No matter how imperfect one feels or experiences the world, perfection is. You might be in pain or see your body as imperfect but you body is already perfect. In order for perfection to be made manifest, you have to hold the vision of perfection, or know it is present. You have to be like a sculptor who already sees the perfect sculpture in a stone. His work is to bring this image into being.

Nothing can be added to or taken away from Perfection. Perfection is.

Let Perfection be.

Love and Light,