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Friday, June 17, 2005

The Presence

Continuing the dialogue with the Inner Voice (IV).

EJ: I want to talk about the idea of oneness.

There must have been a time on earth when there were less than a billion humans, now there are over 6 billion. It is said that it is only the One Presence in all. Please clarify what it means for the One presence to have life as the many.

IV: The One Presence in all is the equivalent of having your own house. Let's say your have bought a 3 bedroom house and you also own the freehold of the land forever. What if you wished to build an extension to your house, is that extension part of your house or someone else's?

EJ: It is your house, you've simply expanded your property.

IV: What if you decided to add more storeys to your house, are the extra storeys still part of your home or are they someone else's?

EJ: Provided you've got planning permission of course, it is still your house, you've simply expanded your property.

IV: Do you see where I am going with this?

EJ: What you are saying is the house is the One Presence who can expand to accommodate the many alterations and additions to the house but is still the one house, am I right?

IV: Not quite but there are similarities. The house changes through modifications and its value may increase or decrease depending on market forces. I, the One Presence, never change; nothing can add to or take away from my perfection. I simply am.

Ownership is the equivalent of Presence. Your name is on that property for as long as it's yours. It matters not whether the house is refurbished, modified or extended, the ownership status remains the same. Everything in that house is yours. Even if you let it out the property is still yours. Similarly, I am the One Presence in all, everywhere, whether there are 1 billion life forms or infinite life forms.

What if you decided you wanted to demolish the house that you've refurbished in favour of a shopping mall, is that shopping mall yours or someone else's?

EJ: It is yours of course as long as you still own it.

IV: In other words, whether there are infinite life forms or none, I am the One eternal Presence.

EJ: Thank you. I like this metaphor very much, it makes a lot of sense now why there is always the One Presence no matter what. The One Presence truly is life.

IV: Yes.

EJ: I had a thought this morning. As one develops awareness of self, you think about your body as you, then your think of your family and friends as yours. You might continue to expand your idea of self to include work colleagues, those of similar race, nationality, education, politics, gender, religion and class as you. You might even expand your sense of self to include all of humanity. There are those who continue expanding self to include the earth, the solar system, the universe until your self encompasses all. Then you can say that you are the One Self.

IV: This is the secret of God-realisation: realising your self as the one Self and Presence in all. Then you are everything, the one "I" in all.

EJ: When you realise yourself as the One Self or Presence, it doesn't matter what part of the galaxy you are experiencing life, all is one.

IV: Indeed.

EJ: This is great. I'm enjoying our dialogues.

IV: Thank you.

EJ: No, thank you.

IV: No, thank you.

EJ: We could go on like this forever.

IV: We already are.

EJ: Indeed.

With Love,
The One "I"

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