Vector8 Journals

Monday, June 20, 2005

Staying in the Moment

Ongoing dialogue with the Inner Voice (IV).

EJ: Tell me, what does it really mean to stay in the moment?

IV: Before I answer this question, let us examine what a day is. Every day you wake up, if you do sleep, you welcome a new day. A new day suggests cumulative events in time and space, but there is no such thing as a new day. There is only one Day and every day is the unfolding of eternity; the unfolding of the one Day.

EJ: Unfolding of eternity?

IV: It means every day you have access to eternity itself. Everything that has ever happened and will ever happen exists in that day. You say Jesus walked the earth over two thousand years ago. This is false. Two thousand years ago exists now.

EJ: I'm sure many people will have difficulties with the concept of "two thousand years ago exists now." Will you please elaborate.

IV: Let's take the example of Jesus. You think that the works he did, the miracles performed, was done in isolation to what you are experiencing now. You believe it was then and this is now. Wrong! Know that the One Consciousness/I Am that is in all was then and is now. This means that each of you sharing the One Consciousness was present when Jesus walked the earth. This is the mystery behind Jesus' statement "Before Abraham was, I am." (John 8: 58) The "I Am" is beginningless and endless. Jesus realised his identity as the I Am that was never born, thus the I Am is always there whether one is having a human life, such as Abraham, or not.

EJ: I get you. So though we may not have been in form when Jesus was alive as a human, we were actually present because we were the I Am working through him.

IV: That's right. And another thing, the same I Am is in you now and within everyone. This means that all information from the beginning of beginningless time exists now and forever in you. To claim it you simply need to recognise your identity as the I Am That I Am.

EJ: This is brilliant! To think that we collectively exist in all moments whether as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna or Enocia! That's just fantastic!

IV: Indeed. Back to your question about what it means to stay in the moment. Every moment is an unfolding of eternity itself. Staying in the moment is having access to eternity and enjoying what comes up.

EJ: Staying in the moment doesn't just mean you're just focused on the present, what is happening now, right?

IV: Of course not. What is the present? Tune in to any radio station and you'll hear a combination of modern and old songs. If you were really staying in the present, you wouldn't be open to old music. Thus, each moment encompasses what you refer to as the past, present and future.

EJ: What then is the purpose of a day?

IV: A day gives you two opportunities to explore another aspect of eternity or the one Day.

EJ: What are they?

IV: The first is for you to explore all that is, all experiences that ever have been, from a new perspective. By "new" I don't mean that you are creating something that doesn't exist. I mean letting the possibility that already is unfold through you the observer or experiencer. It is rather like looking through a kaleidoscope. You might be inspired to explore old teachings from the perspective of where you are now, thus the old is understood in a "new" way.

EJ: I understand. And the second opportunity?

IV: Here's a riddle.

EJ: Oh, goodie!

IV: What is the result when one million apples are added to infinite apples?

EJ: No difference as infinity is always infinity.

IV: OK. What happens when you take away 500 billion apples from infinite apples?

EJ: No difference, infinity is not affected whether something is added or taken away from it. What does this have to do with the second opportunity?

IV: The Infinite never changes, thus, experiences make no dent on Infinity. Even if there were infinite forms in manifestation, they will still not make a dent on the Infinite. Therefore, every day is an opportunity to unfold new ideas from the Infinite that have never been experienced before. Remember that this does not suggest you are creating something new but unfolding what has never been explored before, though it already exists in the unmanifest state.

EJ: How can ideas exist in an unmanifest state?

IV: Here's an analogy. Science has revealed that when an egg is fertilised by a sperm to form the embryo, the cells develop until they form a new foetus. In the early stages of pregnancy, all the organs are perfectly formed. It is actually the Spirit that quickens the cells to form a new life. If the foetus is not disturbed by human beliefs, it will grow perfectly to full term. The unmanifest state is like the young foetus where all is perfectly formed waiting for the right moment to give birth. The right moment for the unmanifest state is when one intends it is so.

EJ: How does one know what exists in the unmanifest state? You could dream up all sets of scenarios like we do as humans.

IV: You realise there is one Life unfolding through you. The One will give you desires of wanting to experience expansion, freedom, love, truth and goodness. You then trust in the One to unfold, give birth to, what already exists in the unmanifest or foetal state.

Every moment and day is an opportunity to be all that you are. I'm sure when you look back at the you you were a year ago, it seems as if you've evolved. There is no such thing as evolution. You are always and completely the All That Is. But in terms of human experience, you are always unfolding parts of the All that you are. Know that just because you have mobile phones and DVDs now does not mean the ideas did not always exist two thousand years ago. It's just that there were no channels willing to express these ideas.

EJ: Reminds me of ring-tones. Years back before mobile phones became popular, I used to spend hours on the phone to a particular friend. The dials had ringtones. We used to play basic music to each other like the song Doe a Deer. We had this idea that we should make up more songs and whenever we spoke we played new tunes. We had a lot of fun with this. Years later, the same idea was developed into ringtones which are now used on mobiles.

IV: You missed your opportunity to make millions.

EJ: Oh, well.

IV: Nevermind! All ideas are eternal. This is why you'll find civilizations who existed thousands of years ago with technologies that are more advanced than humanity has now. If you think in terms of evolution, it will not make sense why a civilization from the past should be more advanced. When ideas are understood to be eternal, you can access any idea at any moment. This is why every moment is an opportunity to unfold something new whether viewing what already exists in a new way, or unfolding something new that is in the unmanifest state.

EJ: There's much to ponder here.

IV: Trust you find it useful.

EJ: I always do. Thank you.

With Love,