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Friday, June 10, 2005

Stop Trying to Figure Things Out

"You always demonstrate on the level where your consciousness abides. It is not necessary, as a result, for you to learn the secret of how to demonstrate, how to bring the invisible into form, because you have been doing this all your life. The power of mind cannot do otherwise than demonstrate in accordance with the way in which it is used.

"Therefore, you do not need to exercise faith in your ability to perform miracles, for if you will only exercise enough faith to lift your consciousness to a higher level, the miracles will take care of themselves. They will happen not as a result of human thinking, but as a spontaneous result of Christ-like being. You could not stop the miracles any easier than you could stop your life." (The Door of Everything, by Ruby Nelson)
There is a new breed of reality TV shows where people, mostly women, go through radical makeovers to have their dream bodies. Last night, I watched a programme called The Swan which transforms "ugly ducklings" into swans fit to enter a beauty pageant. Two women were put through the works: liposuction, face implants, body restructuring, laser eye surgery, cosmetic dentistry, physical training, diets, and life coaching. The transformations were remarkable. It makes one wonder, if modern technology can transform one overnight, who needs a God?

After these women have gone through so much pain to have their dream bodies, they have to keep up with their diets and exercises, otherwise it's back to being Mr Blobby. Hey, no pain no game, right? Those who can afford it will continue to have nips and tucks as and when.

There are those who are tired of the human way and seek other ways of being, the spiritual path. But, as they say, "old habits die hard." People who choose the spiritual path come with an "I have to figure out how this thing works" approach to life. Unfortunately, this type of attitude doesn't cut it with Spirit. If you really want to figure things out for yourself, you are left to get on with it. Once you've exhausted all your techniques and resources, you realise that walking in the Spirit involves trust in a power that is beyond human understanding. Your job is to be the Love that you are and leave the rest to Love to sort out. What you need to know is revealed to you. If it's not, don't worry about it. All is well

I've stopped trying to figure things out. What I know and write about comes so easily, it's like switching a tap on and letting it flow. I seriously don't think about what I write. The moment I start thinking, I find the ideas don't flow and I know I am trying to figure things out. So I leave it as a draft. If it wants to be published, I trust the idea will unfold effortlessly in its own time and in its own way.

Here's an excerpt I've used ad nauseam which is worth using again.

"A Bhakta and a jnani (a follower of the jnana marga) were walking through a forest and became very thirsty. They came to a deep well with water far down and the sides overgrown with bush and briar. There was no way of obtaining water. The jnani overcame the difficulty by expending great psychic force to assume the form of a bird. Then he flew down through the bushes and briars, losing many feathers on the way. On the other hand, the bhakta yearned for the Lord's grace and called fervently on His name. The Lord hearing and responding, the waters rose to the level of the bhakta who was thus able to slake his thirst completely." (Sai Baba, Man of Miracles, by Howard Murphet p. 179)
Life is not meant to be figured out; life is for living.

Love and Light,