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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Trusting in the One Life in All

I sometimes imagine how long it would take me to experience the whole of London. A very long time. How long would it take to experience every single nook and cranny of the UK? I dread to think. What about how long it would take to experience every country on earth? You would have to live for a very long time or, if you're into reincarnation, have innumerable lives. As for experiencing other parts of the galaxy, goodness knows how long you'll need for that quest.

There is another way where you can experience all of life without having to do so individually: as the One that is in all. There are over 6 billion people on earth right now yet, there is only one "I" that is having life. If you want to have access to what is going on in the world, you tap into the one "I" and realise that it is your "I." You then trust in this one "I" to unfold as your experiences.

Earlier this week I saw an ad in a library for a flower show which I thought would be fun to attend. I mentioned this to the library assistant. It turned out that not only was she interested in flowers, she is having her own flower show in a month's time which she's invited me to. The flower show I wanted to attend was on today.

Before attending the show I got the address from the same library assistant. She gave me a map of the area. She knew where the show was but she didn't know how to get there. Her colleague knew what bus I should take and advised me where to catch the bus. Though the assistant's advice was very logical, I had a feeling I should travel to the local bus station and catch the bus from there. When I arrived, I saw my bus already at the stop and I missed it. While I waited for the next bus, I studied the map I'd been given but it wasn't very clear. When my bus arrived, I asked the bus driver whether he knew where the flower show was. He hadn't heard of the place but he said "we will find it." I went to sit upstairs. There was a couple already in front so I sat next to them. I asked the lady if she knew where I wanted to go. She did. She described sign posts I should watch out. I followed her instructions and got off at the right stop. Next, I looked for the flower show. I couldn't find it at first then I saw a man and his kids and asked him if he knew. He pointed me in the right direction. It was well worth it; the flowers were beautiful.

As you can see, there is really no need for the human self to have experienced all. All I need to know is my "I" is the one "I" in all, whose knowledge is vast beyond comprehension. I trust in this one "I". I let life unfold effortlessly through me or through others.

I trust in the One Life.

Love and Light,

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