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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

What's the Difference?

I like to save copies of all my articles on email. I usually email myself a copy.

I logged into my email and got excited that I had received an email, which I always do. The server was taking its time to connect so I did other stuff. When I went back to check my email I realised it was an email I’d sent myself earlier but I hadn’t marked it as read.

I am usually able to tell emails apart when I have thoughts of the person sending it. If I can’t now tell the difference between an email from me, Enocia, and an email from someone else, it shows there really is no difference between me and other me's in other human forms.

This also demonstrates that to have relationships and experiences one has to pretend that one is separate. When I'm pretending, I can have different feelings about someone when that person is with me, but when I think about the same person when we are "apart" I feel the same love I feel for myself and others.

What about our uniqueness? I know I express myself in my own unique way. This uniqueness is still at the point where we are pretending to be individuals in order to express ourselves. There is a point when all is One and there is no difference.

Still, it's fun to pretend.

One in Love,