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Monday, June 13, 2005

Whose Life is it Anyway?

"The earth is the LORD's, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein." (Psalm 24: 1)
The following is a dialogue with the Inner Voice (IV) or Spirit on a bus journey yesterday.

IV: If you want to be like God let God do what God does.

EJ: You mean "let go and let God", right?

IV: Not quite. "Let God do what God does" means there is only one Life and you, EJ, are a vessel. You must let the one and only Life express through you the vessel. There is only one Will, one Life, and one Love.

EJ: But surely I am having life, how can I not have life?

IV: You have no life of your own; you are living my life. However, you can delude yourself that you are living your own life and when you do, there are consequences. When you think you are living your own life, you give birth to a situation. Where there is a beginning there has to be an end. This reality you have created is under cause/effect or what is commonly called karma. Because you believe the life you're dreaming is your own, you decide when to terminate that life and dream up a new one. This you call reincarnation.

Isn't it interesting that many of you abhor the idea of suicide and will do all you can to deter it? You argue that one should not end one’s life as it is not yours to end. Yet, you commit suicide all the time when you dream up new lives and terminate them through the dream process called death because you believe life is yours to do as you please. Life and death, cause and effects, beginning and end, are all dreams arising from the belief that you have your own life.

I am the only Life and there is no other life.

EJ: So what you are saying is that you are the only one having life, right?

IV: Yes.

EJ: If there is only one life and you are that life, what makes us believe in separate lives? If we are so deluded, then we must have inherited that delusion from you, the only life, right? You have given us freewill, have you not?

IV: Very good points you’ve raised. Life is like the Internet. In order for people to have access to these articles, they have to log on to the Internet. Everyone can access the same ideas on this website. How people interpret the ideas is a different matter. In the same way, each of you is like a computer outlet that is connected to the Internet. You are all the same. The problem arises when you start naming experiences.

EJ: What do you mean by naming?

IV: When you name something you give it life. You consciously took on new names didn't you? Is your name Enocia Joseph?

EJ: Yes and yes.

IV: Would you like to explain why you chose those names?

EJ: Enocia is from Enoch. It is written in the Bible: "And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him." He is believed to have translated into Spirit without dying. I interpret it to mean that he lost all sense of his own life and was one with the only Life. Joseph was inspired from the biblical Joseph who was sold into slavery by his brothers. He had such faith in God that even when he interpreted dreams he said: "Do not interpretations belong to God?" So this is why I chose those names.

IV: You ascribed meanings to these names and these names have come to life and are your inspiration.

EJ: Ha, it could be that I chose these names because they were your interpretation.

IV: Indeed, as you are walking with God.

Do you see the power of naming? When you go round naming an experience or a thing you give that thing life according to your belief. This is what you have done with diseases, for example, you have named them and made them come to life.

EJ: What has all this got to do with us having freewill or you being deluded?

IV: Each of you is a portal to experience all that is called Life. But when you name yourselves you believe "in your own press," that you have your own life. Remember the analogy of stories on the web. Everyone has access to the same article. But when you start analysing the articles or reading new meanings into them based on your experiences, you are naming the articles. You breathe new life into the articles.

EJ: But we all do this all the time. I interpret what I read based on my experiences.

IV: You interpret what you read based on your experiences because you believe you have a different life from the author. In other words, you have your own life.

EJ: But surely everyone has a different perspective. We are all unique, aren’t we?

IV: Yes and No. There is only one life so how can the one be unique when it is the only one life? Once you have published this dialogue on the blog, there will only be one version on the web. How other people interpret this dialogue, their perspectives, would make it seem as if there are many versions. These different perspectives are the equivalent of human personalities. Human personalities are results of people having their own lives. The many perspectives do not change the truth that there is only one Life, one Truth, one Love, one Will; the One that is in all.

On the other hand, I the One Life may choose to have different experiences through different vessels. One vessel expressing Truth may appear to have a different personality to one expressing Love. But they are still my attributes being expressed how I choose.

EJ: OK, I get you. So how do I get around naming? I mean everything has a name. Do I go round not using words or labels?

IV: You could think of life as eternally being, thus every action is the I Am being. You are not typing but the I Am being. You are not eating but the I Am being, etc.

EJ: I think I've lost track of where we are going with this.

IV: There is only one Life. When you believe you are having your own life, you believe you have your own soul or spirit learning from experience. This is an illusion and they have consequences; a cause has an effect. You are allowed to continue with this illusion as long as you like. Naming is the result of the belief that you have your own life.

EJ: OK, let's say I have created many disasters in my life, is there a "get out clause?"

IV: There is and it is simply acknowledging that you have no life of your own. Let's say you've been ill for a while. You have been going round thinking you have your own life and body, right? You have even named the parts in your body and each part has come to life and vying for supremacy. You come to a point when you accept that you have no life or your own. The one and only Life is wholeness. But you find that, though you have accepted the one life, you are still addicted to seeing yourself and reality in parts. You realise that it takes a lot of willpower to break that habit of seeing yourself as "only human." This is when you have to acknowledge that there is only one Will. The one Will takes over and makes you perfect.

EJ: How?

IV: Let's say you are a drug addict trying to kick the habit. You acknowledge the one and only Will as your guide. Don't think that just because you still have the urge to take more drugs that the power of the one Will is not working. The one Will may inspire you to have another fix where you will find the drugs no longer have any effect, therefore, there is no longer a need to continue taking them. You have experienced what it feels like, have you not, when I have worked through your senses and you have not been able to taste food?

EJ: Yes I have and it wasn't pleasant not being able to taste chocolate. Speaking of food, if there is only your life, this implies that we don't really need to eat to survive, as you are life.

IV: Correct.

EJ: What is the purpose of food?

IV: For experience. I wish to explore different tastes and smells so that is what food is for, not for sustenance. Only when you think you have your own life do you name some food as sustenance and good, and others as poisonous to your system. As you name things, so be it.

EJ: So I can enjoy any food I like without consequences.

IV: There are only consequences when you believe you are living your own life. The One life may choose to have many experiences of eating without consequences; or the One Life may choose to experience life as Spirit where you will find you have no senses to taste or smell, thus no need to eat, and will still be very much alive. Life is eternal. I am that Life.

EJ: Got you. How do you go about healing someone?

IV: If you are moved to help someone going through pain and disease, remember that your desire to help another is my desire to help. You are to remind the other that there is only one Life.

EJ: What if the individual is not receptive to the idea of one Life?

IV: Since I have brought the person to you for assistance, the other will be open to your way. I will let you know whether it is appropriate to share the truth of one life. Whether you verbalise the truth or not, you will still share your consciousness with the other, as there is only One Mind. Know that healing is only going to be temporary. If one wants to enjoy the fruits of the One Life, one has to personally experience the truth of One Life; and this is an ongoing experience.

EJ: What you are saying is that one has to surrender one’s will to the higher will, right?

IV: To surrender one’s will to a higher will as in "not my will but your will," suggests there are two wills. When you acknowledge there is only one will, there is no misunderstanding - there is only one will.

Here are two prayers I recommend that you are already using.

"One Love, One Will, One Life;" and

"Only One exists."
EJ: So if I've made a pig's ear (mess) of my life, I can have a new life by using the above prayer, right?

IV: Correct. No matter how much "mess" you've made of life, you need to be persistent in the truth that you have no life of your own. The one Life is innocence. The one Life will erase what It did not create. Remember the scriptures: "All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made." (John 1: 3)

Think about it logically. The one infinite Life that is whole cannot be sick, can He? The one infinite Life cannot be in lack, can He? You then trust in the one Life to manifest a suitable reality that wipes out lack.

EJ: How does this come about?

IV: Let's say someone who has been falsely accused and imprisoned for a crime he did not commit is found to be innocent, the individual is released. The process of release may take the form of new evidence leading to a re-trial, or simply been freed without the need for another trial. You are to trust in the one Life to unfold the right circumstances that will erase the realities created under the delusion of having your own life. Nothing is impossible with God.

EJ: What is the purpose of life?

IV: To demonstrate that life is eternal. Life is not human, nature, different species; life is love, truth, power and light that are beginningless and endless. Let the one Life be life. I have revealed myself through you as Light, Silence and Love.

EJ: Yes. A few days ago I felt as if something in me burst open and I was overflowing with Love: the sum total of all good feelings, all love, all joy and all happiness. "I am Love" is no longer just a knowing but a feeling as well.

IV: I used that experience to demonstrate that when you let go of seeing yourself as having your own life, you have access to all Love.

EJ: It’s wonderful. Wish I could have that feeling all the time.

IV: You can by knowing you have no life, love or will of your own. You are the I Am Being.

EJ: One more question. Am I destined to be your faithful servant forever? When do I get to play God?

IV: (Chuckle). You get to play god when you believe you have your own life. When you live with the truth that there is only one Love, Will and Life, you are God, the all in all.

EJ: Great! Thank you.

With love,