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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Immaculate Concept

In this piece I'm going to discuss the Immaculate Concept (IC) which has nothing to do with the term "Immaculate Conception" in the Christian sense of how Jesus was conceived by the Virgin Mary. IC is an inner plane teaching by the Masters of Truth, Teachers of Light, Masters of Alchemy, The Perfected Ones, The Bright Ones, The Ascended Masters - whatever term you are familiar with. An IC is a way of perceiving people as their perfect selves before they were tainted by the duality of good and evil. We all use this concept to some extent when we fantasise about what we would like to happen in its perfect idea or when we're in love with someone and try to see him or her as their highest self. The problem with being in love in the human sense is that it is imperfect and based on personality, race, gender, sexuality, religion, class etc and as changeable as the British weather. IC however takes it a step further to uplift others regardless of whether we "know" them or not.

Michelangelo's realisation about the way he sculpted best describes IC in operation: "The statue was already complete in the marble I just removed the matter surrounding it." IC is therefore seeing another as God created him/her and the way s/he was meant to live, in perfection. There are many ways IC can be applied in practical ways in all we do to help others be their best selves. Here are a couple of examples.

I have been using IC at an unconscious level since I was a child. When my parents split up, we went to live with relatives in Freetown, Sierra Leone. My uncle became our stand-in father. He was very strict and ruled his home with fear. There were lots of fights between him and his wife, and his kids, but for me it always seemed like they were playing a game. I could never take their rows seriously. We were all meant to quake before him but I refused. He could beat me but he would never break my spirit; how could he when I couldn't take his beatings or abuse seriously? It was all a joke and I always saw him for the man he was: the one he was when he was in a very good mood. Can you guess what happened? My uncle transformed into the man I always knew him to be. Unfortunately this transformation was only for my benefit because as the rest of the household were still scared of him (they still saw him as a bully), according to their beliefs he remained one. To me he was my idol and we would sit for hours talking about nothing in particular yet enjoying each other's company. I was his adorable niece and even now he still perceives me as his favourite niece.

In my early twenties I was into music and clubbing and so lived with girls who were into the same. There was a particular flatmate, who was only 17, that I was very close to because I felt she needed looking after. I went to America to visit a cousin and one night I had a vivid dream that my favourite flatmate had been stabbed. I didn't see the assailant's face but it was vivid enough to leave me a bit shaken. I dismissed the dream as a "dream". My "girl" couldn't possibly get stabbed! I went back to sleep and had the same dream. Again I woke up scared but then I refused to believe it. The next morning the dream was on my mind and so I discussed it with my cousin. He suggested I phone home. After a moment's thought I said "nah, she'll be OK, she's not the type to get herself stabbed!" I forgot about it and went partying and clubbing.

When I returned home I discovered the meaning behind the dream. Apparently my favourite flatmate's boyfriend had been round one day and he was angry and jealous about another man and while they were rowing he went to the kitchen drawer and pulled out a knife to stab her but the other house mates stopped him and it was quickly diffused. I asked her what day it was and it turned out it was the same day and same time I had been dreaming, taking into account the time difference. I was amazed at the turn of events but never thought about what it really meant until much later when I went deeper into metaphysics.

As you can see in both cases I was using IC though not fully aware of it. With my uncle I simply saw him as his perfect Self and because of my persistence he became that Self to me. And to him I could never do any wrong; even when he had to discipline me, he stopped being as strict with me as he was with his own children or my brothers because we both knew we were only playing. In the case of my flatmate I believe that denying the reality of assault must have acted like a prayer which helped to diffuse a volatile situation. Besides, in my eyes I was always her guardian so I shouldn't have been surprised when I was forewarned about her distress. I have read and heard lots of stories about the effect of prayers and the remarkable miracles that occur. Prayer is another way of holding an IC about someone. In truth we all have the capacity to be each other's guardian angels in times of need.

I wish I could say that my relationship with my uncle was perfect throughout! You see when I came to England I opened myself up to a new collective thought. The effects of abuse on one's life, pop-psychology, "survivor or victim" mentality were all the rage within popular culture. I also started believing that because my uncle had been cruel to the rest of the family (who had different concepts of him) I had the right to be bitter and angry, despite the fact that we had a special bond between us. This is the effect of the mass hypnotism many of us are subjected to. For years I disassociated myself from him which he was bewildered and hurt by. I became confused and was so "mesmerised" by survivor mentality that I concluded that the rage I felt particularly in relationships was caused by childhood trauma; this was now my truth of course. I now realise that had I continued to hold ICs about others, I could have snapped out of the "trance" a lot sooner. Now although my uncle and I lead different lifestyles and I don't communicate with him (my mother does), I have a deep fondness for him which I always will have.

This mass "hypnotism" is one of the reasons why many people hold negative concepts of others whether in relationships, friendships etc. Why do you think people have difficulties letting go? Take forgiveness for instance: you're in a relationship and someone you love does something to hurt you. You forgive them but if you haven't let go or "erased" the memory it still exists as a "frozen picture" in your mind. This frozen picture is the negative version of IC. This frozen picture is building up energy willing the other to make the same mistake (don't forget thought forms are real) and then before you know it you're having the same row or worse. Now when you hold an IC of someone it means that you don't blame them for their actions because you know that in truth they are love, peace, joy, truth, abundance so that which is not the IC can't be real, so you forgive. They make the same mistake or another, you forgive. You continue to forgive until you make a breakthrough, just like Michelangelo says again about his statue "the more the marble disappears, the more the statue appears." Similarly, the real Self of the person is revealed in all its glory.

So what are the other benefits of holding an IC about someone?

The person will start to become more of who He or She really is.

The person will attract to Her that which is for Her highest good and that which isn't whether relationships, friendships, careers will be released from Her.

The truth of who the person is will make Him free to be who He set out to be in His original IC before incarnation.

You will be making the world a better place.

Remember the "Golden Rule", what you do for others you do for yourself. This is why it is not advisable to hold a negative concept of others as you're holding yourself back.

So start holding ICs NOW, there's nothing stopping you!! Start with yourself then work your way to your family, your loved ones, your friends, your neighbourhood, strangers, your work colleagues, your government, your far as you can take it. See everyone as their perfect Self that is Love, Peace, Joy, Truth, Abundance, Life, Wisdom and Success and whatever else you'd like to add to the list.

Remember that holding an IC is the best gift you can give anyone. So go ahead, hold an IC today.

I am holding Immaculate Concepts of You all!

Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance be Magnified

Enocia Joseph
August 2003

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